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Next in line: Huawei's folding smartphone is delayed again

A few months after the The updated Fold will also come to us with Chinese manufacturer's innovative flagship product - and there are even plans for heir on the horizon

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The first two flexible smartphones on the market have not experienced a particularly easy life on their way to shelves, but we seem to be approaching a day when consumers with large resources can start pondering - this time really.

After Samsung declared that The reinforced Galaxy Fold Coming to the stores next month, Huawei had to publicly admit that Their folding Mate X model It will not arrive in September as planned, but only in November - with a theoretical possibility that any additional problems in the production process will result in a postponement of the launch even somewhere in 2020.

The final version of the Mate X will offer enhancements to the unique folding axis (which received the nickname Falcon Hinge) over the prototype models presented to journalists, and a minor change to the model's on and off button

The Mate X was featured in the MWC show In February 2019, remember, with a decidedly unique look, Bigger and an even bigger price tag of 2,500 euros (including VAT) in Europe. The model's original scheduled launch date is June, then moved to September - and now it moves again, in a way that doesn't bode well for those eagerly awaiting it From the very first moment.

Screen also in the back waiting for us in the next incarnation? It is not entirely clear why this is good, but we would love to find out in due course

Despite the challenges and delays, Huawei has made it clear that they continue to believe in the technology of folding screens wholeheartedly - and even already rely on The later version of the Mate X, which will probably also add another display panel to the back of the device, which will be ostensibly hidden in the folded position of the device and will only be exposed to the user as the product switches to its open configuration. Sounds pretty strange, but it's the nature of a fresh technological field that we're experiencing here and now in its first steps - and it's certainly part of what makes it so interesting and intriguing.

The Mate X was recently documented by the Chinese Standards Agency - which may indicate that official launch before the end of the year is an accomplished fact, at least for some markets

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