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Reporting: Nintendo prepares Switch Pro console with improved performance

The appearance of the chip X1 Plus on the Web brings prophecy to life about a more powerful model of the successful mobile-stationary console

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after A pair of new Shield TV models popped up on the network Earlier than intended on Amazon and Newegg, and confirmed the existence of a new version for the X1 declaring improvement Of about 25 percent over the version we saw in action to date, comes the time of rumors about the second popular family of devices based on the head lift product.

By all signs, The Tegra X1 Plus chip With 25 percent improvement over the X1 is the same updated 16 nm version of the chip found in the Switch Lite and Switch V2 consoles launched a few weeks ago - but with an emphasis on increased performance rather than more cost-effective operation at the same level of performance, as opposed to Nintendo products that enjoy significantly increased battery life Compared to the original Switch console, with the Original X1.

The V2 version of the original Switch, which began to sell relatively recently, is now an important improvement with almost 50 percent added to its battery life in mobile configuration - but if we get a device that also improves performance and supports new high resolution (stationary) There will be an even more impressive bonus

Now, various sources on the network estimate that the Japanese manufacturer will be able to introduce a third version of the console - one that will happen a bit from the Switch V2 and possibly with Enlarged to get enhanced performance without compromising battery life in its mobile mode. There are no more accurate technical details at this time (although these rumors have been circulating on the network for almost a year), but there is no argument that extra You can make this special product much more interesting and effective, especially as we approach a generation launch New home salons And Microsoft will tap the market's capabilities to a new level.

It is quite clear that the rumors were born of the improved Shield TV devices, which are expected to be launched before the end of the month. Does that mean there is truth in them? Not sure - but we will continue to monitor and update

Hoping to see a new Switch console in the coming months, or there's no improvement Nintendo can do to get you interested? Count in the comments!

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