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Not like everyone else: The Samsung smartphone was launched in Israel

God- A80, which has a rear-view set that is turned over and is also used for salafy, is available for purchase in the local market at prices that are already falling below the official recommended limit

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Representation of instruments A in Israel continues to overcome, now with the highest and most special version of the series - A80, which waives the front camera fender for the most extraordinary and special mechanical slider machine we have seen in the world of smart devices so far.

The handset's great base features a large XAMUMX X-XUMX-Super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 6.7 × 2,400 pixels which has no sign of a draw or hole for a photo sensor, Snapdragon 730 An updated octagonal octagon of Qualcomm as an upgrade to the Exynos interstitial chips on other models, 8GB dynamic memory, built-in 128GB storage, Android Pie with One UI interface, built-in biometric scanner, Built-in NFC, Bluetooth connectivity and 5.0 connectivity 802.11ac dual channel and 3,700mAh battery with support for fast 25 watts.

As no one else has, for the time being

God- A80 consists of an aluminum envelope between two glass covers in the front and back of a family Of Corning, where the large dimensions and mechanical array inside contribute together to obtain a significant weight of 220 grams for the product, together with a thickness of 9.3 millimeters which can also be considered thicker than normal. If you are looking for a product that is as compact as possible, you will need to look elsewhere - but if high-end photographs are what you're interested in, A80 might well be one of the top candidates for you.

The exterior is quite handsome despite the dimensions and weight, especially when the photo array is in the back by default

The great uniqueness of the device comes when you start talking about its photographic capabilities, because the main set of photography consists of a Sony 48 main megapixel unit with electronic image stabilization, a large 8 MP for wide angle photography and a depth sensor is also the front-facing array - Allows the back of the smartphone to rise up and also to change the direction of the photo set to the front when needed. The solution is similar to that of the Zenfone 6 from Asus, although it can certainly be argued that the approach of She is more elegant.

It should be noted that the A80 does not include a headphone jack, does not include any formal protection from water and does not include a slot for expansion of storage - S

The A80 is offered in Israel at an official import price of NIS 2,500, with a black, silver or gilt color, and even though the war of parallel importers now provides an opportunity to get the model under NIS 2,300 in certain chains and stores - S10e sold at 2,150 shekels or more in Israel and S10 sold less than 2,500 shekels will not be easy. the mother And water and dust protection are winning unique and innovative design, or vice versa? You are invited to tell us what you think about the comments.

A justified luxury or unnecessary gimmick? The audience in Israel is starting its vote now


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