No Waiting For Anyone: The Unlucky Reveals Unlocked Snapdragon 855 Third

After the Mi 9 and the fifth generation version of the Mi Mix 3 comes the line of extroverted gaming - Meet the Black Shark 2

Xumi was the champion of the unshakeable use of Snapdragon 845 chips last year, and seems to be aiming to break its own highs this year by Snapdragon 855 - so that while some manufacturers have not yet brought to stores even one model based on the flagship product by , The rising Chinese manufacturer is launching a third model, with an uncompromising gaming focus.

The new Black Shark 2 includes a Super Screen (6.39) and 2,340 × 1,080 pixels with a Gorilla Glass 6 cladding that undergoes a dedicated color calibration at the factory, including a relatively high average brightness of the 430 Nit and includes dedicated enhancements designed to reduce the time spent by pressing its contact layer to a minimum (high scanning rate of 240 Hz) , Which gives 43 response times (ms), plus the pair Stereo front and biometric scanner built under the screen.

The design of the internal antennas of the instrument and the location of the speakers are designed to minimize the chances of problems Or reception, regardless of how the user is using the device

Within the Black Shark 2 is found Snapdragon 855, of course, with a massive multi-layer evaporative cooling chamber that is supposed to lower operating temperatures by about 14 compared to standard small cooling devices on smart devices, dynamic memory of 8GB, 6GB or 12GB of LPDDR4X, built-in storage of 128GB or 256GB based on UFS standard 2.1 is fast, NFC built-in receiver Dual Channel, Dual Back Rear Array with 48 Main Megapixel Sensor And a secondary 12 sensor for optical zoom, a 20 megapixel camera, and a built-in 4,000mAh battery with support for fast 27 watts.

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The exterior design is still extroverted and aggressive - and will be available in black or silver, with a thickness of 8.8 millimeters and a weight of 205 g

Like the pair of previous Black Shark devices launched in short time periods during the year 2018, the Black Shark 2 will also be offered with a number of dedicated external plugins that can be connected to it - including an external active fan for further cooling of the internal hardware components (which will work in combination with software capability) Let us give maximum In gaming according to temperature) and physical game controllers in an improved version.

The PUBG (rather than just) mobile hit is quite natural in the PR images of the model - hoping to show "real" gamers that they must equip themselves with a real gaming device to achieve their best performance

The Black Shark 2 will be offered in China at the price of 3,200 Yuan (about 478 USD in direct conversion) for 128GB of storage and 6GB of And 4,200 RMB (approximately 628 USD) to 256GB of Together with 12GB 's Dynamic - when it is reasonable to estimate that the country seems to have a price tag of NIS 2,500 or ILS 2,600 as a base similar to the first generation of black shark. lucrative? vindicated? Let's decide for yourself.

Black Shark 2 equipped with dedicated game controllers - sold separately and at extra charge