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Quick and sophisticated storage chips for your smartphones, from Toshiba and SanDisk

Using the new 3-D BiCS technology enables volumetric gain Up to 256 gigabytes, with continuous transfer speeds reaching 900 megabytes per second - inside the device in your pocket

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Parallel to the promising declaration on the part of , Also a company And its competitor (Through the Western Digital landlady) come out with their own exposures to products 2.1 A new generation for tomorrow's smartphones.

Building on a three-dimensional structure from the latest BiCS technology section, with 64 layers and TLC configuration to store three bits of information per cell, which we've already seen in products To the computer market, enabling the creation of chips 32 gigabytes, 64 gigabytes, 128 gigabytes and even 256 gigabytes, which will be commercially available to all smartphone and tablet manufacturers during the first half of 2018.

Toshiba 's New Generation Products. Performance that would not embarrass drives Complete only a few years ago - in a tiny chassis that fits into any smart device

The volumes themselves are perhaps already available in the market today and do not bring extreme news, but promise continuous performance of up to 900 megabytes in reading and up to 180 megabytes in writing, along with Which come to several tens of thousands of I / O operations per second and constitute an improvement of up to 2 times from chips Of the previous generation that have been built on 48's BiCS structures, makes the new chips more interesting and effective.

Soon we will be able to get chips Even on devices with a cost of 300 dollars and less?

There is no doubt that the " It is the future of the mobile world, but the limited availability of chips based on it has limited the scope of the aging eMMC facility over the past two years - and now we hope to announce new chips from the biggest and most significant players in the entire market that the challenges have been addressed and the gaps narrowed, and we will soon be able to accept The agile and elaborate storage not only in prominent flag products, but also in a variety of intermediate products and perhaps even in various discounted models.

The new generation of SanDisk's iNAND brand. It will also have an eMMC 5.1 version with similar characteristics (however Reduced)


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