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Now in Europe, very soon in Israel: The Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro smartphone gets a price tag

Model Competitive 855 will start in the West next week with an official cost of 400 Euro - and there is already a teaser for local Israeli launch

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As promised, the European version of the intriguing Redmi K20 Pro device has been officially launched in several key European countries such as the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and France - and the official recommended price probably also indicates the cost to be expected in the Israeli launch of the product.

Xiaomi will market the Mi 9T Pro with the powerful Snapdragon 855 chip in its official online store at the price of 400 Euro including VAT for the base model 64GB of storage (and without the possibility of further expansion with microSD cards unfortunately, and 6GB of Dynamic memory, at a price of 450 EUR per model with the same dynamic memory and 128GB of internal storage - 70 more than the two Mi 9T models respectively (And a little cheaper than we had imagined), Launched in Europe in June with volume Are identical.

More powerful processing potential for more agile loading Justify 70 Euro? Welcome to judge for yourself

At today's low Euro rate, conversion of Mi 9T Pro prices brings us to NIS 1,565 and NIS 1,760 prices for 64GB and 128GB respectively, with a teaser image already posted on the official importer's Facebook page Israel is making it clear that there is a concrete plan to launch the version in Israel soon. Do we have reason to hope for prices of NIS 1,600 and NIS 1,800 in the local market? Probably not, because these are exactly the official prices now for the standard Mi 9T models - so costs between NIS 1,800 and NIS 2,000 seem to be more reasonable compared to the price difference between 9T and 9T Pro in Europe.

The highs boast of the system Which includes exotic graphene layers for more effective heat dissipation

Mi 9T Pro models will be available in black, white, blue and red in Europe starting this coming Monday, the 26 in August, and we certainly hope that on this date we will also see the official local reveal that will deliver the expected prices - just before the race between importers The kind of counterparts that will lower the price levels in the hundreds of dollars compared to the official recommended in no time.

27 Watt Fast Charger is not included in the package in Europe either - you will have to settle for 3.0 Watt's Quick Charge 18 charger, or purchase a more advanced one separately

Are interested in the model, or are convinced that there are better offers in the market based on the 855? Let's talk about it.

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