The right way: The tiny GoPro Session gets a significant price cut

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The ultra-compact and ultra-compact camera of the American manufacturer is finally getting a price that fits its features

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A few months ago we saw GoPro, whose name has long been synonymous with extreme activities and life on the edge in general, returning to sources with a very simple and easy model - The Hero 4 Session, Which did not include a screen (all interfacing is based on Linked) and looks almost like a toy, weighing only 74 grams.

The idea itself felt quite agreeable and reasonable for a product whose main purpose was to connect to a helmet or body and document what was going on as if through the eyes of the person who was experiencing the events - but an extraordinarily high price tag of the 400 immediately put the session at a distinct disadvantage not only against compact ultra- Are reduced to competing manufacturers, but also to other, more advanced models of the Hero 4 family.


Now, GoPro seems to admit at last that the original pricing was disproportionately high - and cut it to a much more reasonable cost of 200 dollars. The camera is already available in Amazon USA The new price, with a cost of about $ 255 including tax and direct shipping to Israel (cheap 200 cheaper than the model here in Israel), or the cost of 270 dollars for a package that includes the camera, head strap and card Of 32GB (via Buy2USA delivery, since this package can not be shipped directly to Israel via Amazon).

These prices also do not make the session an immediate impulse, considering that the market is saturated with competing models such as manufacturers Xiaomi And SJCAM, which purport to provide the same performance and capabilities at even lower prices - but for 200 dollars, at least there is reason to consider the tiny camera of , And that has been progressing.

Those who prefer the European branches of Amazon can find the session camera in Amazon France at a price that is actually a little better - only 205 Euro, including taxes and shipping to Israel
Anyone who prefers the European branches of Amazon can find the session camera In Amazon France At a price that is actually a little better - only about EUR 205, including taxes and shipping to Israel

What do you think - worth or is still terribly expensive? Share comments with us.