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Xiaomi's cheapest Snapdragon 855 smartphone arrives in Europe

Original article: Redmi 9T Pro model, also known as Redmi K20 Pro and offers rare cost-benefit ratio - on its way to European markets and probably to Israel

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For a while now, it has been felt that it is simply impossible to beat Shiaumi's products at any price it decides to compete - whether it's the Pocophone F1 with Powerful Snapdragon 845 that can only be obtained in NIS 1,100, the fresh Mi 9T with the mechanical selfie camera in NIS 1,150 or higher, the Redmi Note 7 with Medium and reasonable and a large capacity battery for less than NIS 650 or the Mi A3 with the Android system without interruptions and unnecessary additions at only NIS 800.

Soon all these questions will probably be added to the Mi 9T Pro model, which we first knew as the Redmi K20 Pro, which will combine 855 leads to a generous battery at an unprecedented price.

My peak declared that a European launch of the popular Mi 9T fireplace will take place across Europe on 20 in August, that is, in less than a week, and if we assume that what happened in the past is also true of the present - it is highly likely that You will be among the countries to receive the promising new model in no time.

the mother Is it part of Europe for my peak? We keep our fingers crossed that the answer is positive

The Mi 9T Pro is almost identical to the standard Mi 9T that landed in Israel last month, with a 6.39 × 2,340 pixel Super AMOLED screen and a built-in biometric scanner beneath it, an Android Pie with MIUI 1,080 interface, a triple rear photo system 10 Primary Megapixel and 48 Megapixel and 8 Megapixel Units, 13 Megapixel Selfie Exits out of the Body Based on Tiny Engine, 20GB Dynamic Memory, Built-in (XNUM Expandable) or XNUM Storage 6GB, Built-in, slot And an 4,000mAh battery.

If you believe early orders that are currently on the net, the official pricing of the Mi 9T Pro models will be 430 Euro (including local VAT increment) for the base model and 480 Euro for the dual storage model - NIS 1,700 and NIS 1,900 Respectively

The improvements to the 9T Pro include a chipset 730 chipset medium The most powerful 855 that Qualcomm has to offer (if not including the slightly fresh and rushed plus model), support for faster 27 watts charging instead of just 18 watts charging and also using the receiver Double channels designed to be more precise and agile to absorb and update its location data.

The Chinese version of the Mi 9T Pro offers larger storage volumes and dynamic memory than those of the international version - and given that there is no microSD slot on the device, we certainly hope that in the future we will see versions with Upgraded with us too

We still do not know how much the Mi 9T Pro will cost in Europe, but based on the price cut the model has recently won in the Chinese market (after complaints from consumers that it was too expensive compared to the unique expectations from our highs we used to) and based on Mi 9T prices Officials can hope that the price in the country will start at less than NIS 2,000 at the official local importer - and a few hundred shekels less than the corresponding importers who will fight uncompromisingly, in a way that will help prices fall rapidly.

Xiami's Mi 9 is the The cheapest 855 that can be purchased right now in Israel, at prices starting at slightly less than NIS 1,600 based on parallel importers - will the Mi 9T Pro be even cheaper in the end?

Promise to keep up and keep you updated!

updating: Now the Mi 9T Pro is already official in Europe, Including prices - and the launch in Israel looks closer than ever.

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