• OnePlus flagship device may win the upcoming HWzone

OnePlus flagship device may win a reduced multiplier soon

A new specimen from a Chinese manufacturer has risen to GFXBench, Z5 Compact

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It is likely that more and more consumers are getting used to the concept and concept of a smart device with a screen size of 5 or 5.5 inch as time goes on, yet there are still consumers who prefer a somewhat more compact and nostalgic dimensions - and this is seen in the existence of smartphones Like the Xperia Z5 Compact, Which offers sensible dimensions for use in one hand without compromising on the hardware level of a flagship.

Sony does not have many direct competitors in this unique niche, but based on the new data that emerged in the database of graphical performance tests GFXBench - Anyone who plans to change the situation is none other than OnePlus, which just recently launched the The OnePlus X Relatively compact with a screen of 5 inches.

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According to the current data, the new model is a nearly complete replication of The popular OnePlus 2, With Snapdragon 810 octagonal cores, 4GB RAM, built-in 64GB storage, system And an 5.1.1 built-in 13 camera (with 4K video capture capability) and a rear 5 megapixel camera - and the only outstanding difference is the 1080p 4.6-only screen, the same size as the X- Z5 Compact and significantly smaller than the 5.5- 2.

Assuming that this is not an incorrect report about a standard OnePlus 2 but rather a real new model, it will be very interesting to find out what pricing the company will choose, and whether you will decide to maintain The 3,300mAh capacity is identical to that of the 2 - which may give the 2 Mini (or whatever they call it) has a very fine life between charging and charging. We will continue to follow.


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