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Pay as much as you want with the Humble Bundle 4 package and enjoy the deals on French apps and games Bundle

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Humble Bundle site,Who had already published his wonderful packages in the past, Has released a new game pack for Android. The package includes six games that can be purchased at the price you set (the sixth game will only be paid if you pay above the average, which amounts to 6.13 $ at the time of writing). The games offered are Splice, Eufloria, Waking Mars, Crayon Physics Deluxe, Superborthers: Sword & Sworcery EP and the other game, Machinarium.

Remember only those who do not know the site of these wonderful packages, that all the games you receive as an download file (APK) without any limit and that besides determining exactly how much you are willing to pay, you also determine the distribution of your payment, divided between the developers, the site and various justifications that the site supports in them.

The package The Fourth Android

The package can be purchased up to 22 per month, then Run and buy.

The second operation comes from a new site called AndroidBundle And currently offers a package called French Bundle. The package contains a good amount of And games all at a discounted price of $ 1. Compared to the Humble Bundl, these apps and games can be purchased through PlayStore .

French package Bundle

Offer valid until 18 per month, so fast Check it out as well.


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