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The prestigious and budgeted: a pair of new models of my speeches were officially launched in Israel

The first flagship device of the Chinese manufacturer with God- 855 on one side - and new Redmi models for less than NIS 1,000 from the other side

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This year has been felt like a chase between Samsung and the summit peak - at least as far as the middle market is concerned, with both companies launching more and more interesting models at a high rate that make most other competitors much less relevant. After the update about the giant from Korea, It's time to tell you about the updated supply of the ever-growing Chinese actress.

The local representative of Xiaomei officially launched the country The Mi 9, Which will be the first Snapdragon 855 to be purchased in Israel officially - with 6.39 Super AMOLED screen and 2,340 × 1,080 resolution, a triple rear photo array with a main 48 megapixel unit and 16 megapixel and 12 units - Pixel complement, Android 9.0 Pie system with XUUMX MIUI interface, fingerprint scanner under the screen, Built-in NFC, 3,300mAh battery with fast wired or wireless charging support and of course the leading chip in question .

The model will be available in Israel in standard black color - and in more unique purple and blue colors

The Mi 9 will be offered in Israel in its base version, with internal 64GB for storage and 6GB of Dynamic, at a recommended price of NIS 2,000, and in the 128GB version at NIS 2,200 - and when you consider that there is no slot For more, there is no official protection against water and dust and no slot for analog headphones will not necessarily just justify preference for this model together for more popular products of it , Despite the significantly higher processing power.

The device can be found in a number of stores in Israel through parallel importers, at prices quite similar to those of the official representative: about NIS 2,000 for the base version or NIS 2,100 for double internal volume

If we have already mentioned popular products - the holy days launched in the Holy Land as well The Redmi 7, Which will be cheap and simple from the Redmi Note 7 and potentially to provide even more impressive battery life. The smartphone will be based on an 6.26 IPS screen with 1,520 resolution × 720 Pixels modest and covered Gorilla Glass 5, 632 Basic but up-to-date and cost effective, dynamic 3GB memory, volume Of 32GB or 64GB, dual back-up array with 12 megapixel unit First, Built-in back and built-in 4,000mAh battery with 10 watts charging.

A large screen with a modest resolution should be a winning combination

The Redmi 7 will be offered in Israel in black or blue, and at an official recommended price of 700 NIS per version with 32GB of storage or NIS 800 for 64GB version - although the competition between the parallel importers is already in progress and the base model can be found at a cost of only NIS 510 And the model with double storage is available at approximately NIS 580. Competition is not easy at all for the A10 and A20, it seems.

The rear-view array is more basic than the Redmi Note 7 model - and so does the wireless connectivity without the 802.11ac

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