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The performance, prices, and disappearance of the headphones: all details on Galaxy Note 10

Original article: launch event Fast approaching - and as is usually the case, the widespread leaks will make it difficult for the giant company to surprise us on the big stage under the spotlight

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Tomorrow (Wednesday, the 7 in August) will begin in Brooklyn, New York, the new Samsung Unpacked Galaxy event with live networking all over the world - featuring Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus. Excited? Interested? We are pleased to announce that there is no real need to wait too much - most of the details about the pair of devices are already circulating freely on the network now.

The standard Galaxy Note 10 will be characterized by an 6.3-inch Dynamic AMOLED screen and an 2,280 × 1,080 pixel resolution, with a small 'hole' slider in the center for a selfie camera, Snapdragon 855 Plus or Exynos 9825 depends on the country in which it is marketed, system Pie with One UI Interface, 4GB LPDDR6X Memory, Volume Quick built-in 256GB and built-in 3,800mAh battery with wireless charging support, fast wired charging up to 25 watts and PowerShare wireless charging technology for other supporting devices.

The differences between the Note 10 and the Plus model will not only add to the physical dimensions - but also to the internal memory volumes that can be duplicated

The enhanced and enlarged Galaxy Note 10 Plus will offer a Dynamic AMOLED screen of no less than 6.8 inches with 3,040 × 1,440 pixels resolution, Snapdragon 855 Plus or 9825 Like its younger brother, a generous 12GB dynamic memory (it may be the debut of LPDDR5 technology), volume Built-in 256GB or 512GB and 4,300mAh battery with 45 watt charging is absolutely impressive.

The Note 10 Plus will deliver At a very large capacity to fit the terrifying screen - and it will be interesting to find out how upgraded charging technology will meet this challenge

The Note 10 Plus will also receive a supportive version of 5G, which will be exactly the same as the 4G model this time - except for the requested addition of a separate and dedicated fifth generation modem from the company Which will add to the advanced connectivity that is still far from practical availability in our small country.

There will also be an 5G version of course, though it will be more similar to the original compared to what we saw in the S10

Both models will come with an updated version of the S-Pen touch pen, of course, with AKG Brand Double Stereo, IP68 Waterproof and Dust Protection, 10 Megapixel Single Selective Camera, Triple Rear Photographic Array with 12 Megapixel Unit, 12 Megapixel Close-Up and 16 Megapixel Unit What you won't find unfortunately (by all signs and evidence) is the 3.5 millimeter slot for headphones and also a notch For expanding built-in storage.

Samsung seems to align with most flagship device manufacturers, after several years earning them credit as it gave end users greater flexibility than its competitors. Will this choice hurt her or not? This is an issue we will surely follow in the coming months.

Goodbye to plugging in the headphones - hello to tiny adapters at an insignificant price

The Note 10 will be on sale just days after the official announcement, in at least four shades of which one combines several sub-shades together similar to Huawei, Xiaomi and others - and prices are expected to be 950 Euro (including the European VAT equivalent) As a basis for the standard Note 10, with prices of 1,100 euros and 1,200 euros for Note 10 Plus with 256GB of And 512GB of Respectively.

Four different shades at launch - and maybe more later

The prices of the Note 10 models, assuming they are final and accurate, may be considered cheaper than those of the Note XNUMX models. S10 with the same volume A little less than six months ago - but the fact that Samsung does not offer slightly discounted versions with half the volume makes the series' opening point somewhat problematic - it is likely that in the country we will have to pay more than NIS 3,700 for the Note 10, and over 4,300 NIS for the Plus model, whose enhanced version of 512GB can even scrape a bar of NISX.

Will the launch event tomorrow provide us with unexpected information and insights? We'll be here to report

How about the freshest luxury products from the biggest smartphone maker? Let's talk about it in the comments.

updating: The Note 10 models have officially launched - all the information you can get here.


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