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Qualcomm's grand plans for the year 2015: 14 nm, new cores and more surprises

You thought the Snapdragon 810 was impressive? Plans of For the remainder of the year include a jump to the production of three-, Unique for new processing cores and more

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Long-standing and long-standing relationships with prominent international players and advanced cellular models have certainly contributed to this, too, but Qualcomm's ability to offer unique graphics and core and special processing cores that it has developed has certainly contributed to making it a leading player in the chip market., One that can distinguish itself from the broad competition and in most cases even offer Let them be one step ahead of the rest.

: After modeling The Snapdragon 800 And the Snapdragon 801 Almost completely took control of the performance share of the smartphone market, We received the Snapdragon 810, Who does appear to be the new poster boy on the market, But includes only Qualcomm's self-graphical core alongside "standard" processing cores Cortex A57 and Cortex A53 models. Disappointed? Don't worry - new details coming to the Web declare that the American chip giant is currently relying on a new, advanced processing core architecture that will form the basis for the company's new leading chips later in the year 2015.

It seems that the new generation cores of processing Will include several sub-models designed for chips with different capabilities

You'll get used to the name Taipan, which will supposedly be the oil of the cores that have inherited the popularity Krait that has served us well over the last two years. According to the information distributed through the Twitter network, Qualcomm plans to launch four new models of the E- 600 and two new models from the X- Its leading 800 - which will contain most of the new Taipan cores in a four and eight core configuration, based on a fresh 20 nm manufacturing process.

The most advanced and interesting chip on the list is the Snapdragon 820, which is intended to be the replacement for the contemporary Snapdragon 810 and will include eight Taipan cores (in the configured TS2 - perhaps a symbol of the most powerful version of the above cores), a cellphone modem with XN category support The company's most advanced now supports "only" category 10) and a new generation Adreno core that meets the Adreno 9 model - all based on a manufacturing process FinFET "Three-dimensional" Samsung's 14 and Samsung's GlobalFoundries. It is hard for us to believe that the " 820 will be on the market again this year, but when that happens - it will probably be another big leap forward for the entire category when it comes to tablet processing capabilities and especially smartphones.

Judging from the new information presented to us, it is possible that in the current incarnation Qualcomm will also choose to rely on cores "Standard" in its mid-low market chips, from the families 400 and 200

On the face of it, there is no real verification of the details in the previous paragraphs, but on the other hand it is hard to believe that they are too far behind the scenes in reality - after two successful processing cores that established their status as a technology leader, there is no doubt that Qualcomm want to continue the swing with their own new architecture The next 64 bit is a good thing for us, when at the same time the company has already shown a willingness to bring cores of octagonal chips to the market and adopt the big.LITTLE technology from home . In the absence of any data on the performance and capabilities ahead, it seems that the most significant difference between the information leaked to what is formally revealed later may call primarily the specific models mentioned.

The year of 2015 has barely begun, and it is already clear that we will expect another interesting and very competitive period in the chip universe designed for smart devices. Who will be the most prominent star this time? You are welcome to try and guess.

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