Qualcomm at 7 nm: First Benchmarks for Snapdragon 8150

The successor to the Snapdragon 845 could significantly reduce the gap A12 and also compete directly in Kirin's 980 , It seems

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The generation of 7 nm chips on mobile began officially about a month ago, and it seems that after Apple andHuawei Qualcomm may also present its development for the new era very soon - under the model name Snapdragon 8150, Which may signal further development of the popular brand responsible for operating hundreds of millions New every year.

Qualcomm has not yet provided any official information about the new chip, but its appearance in the Geekbench performance test confirms some early rumors about it, as well as providing an initial taste of the expected performance from its general processing core.

This is probably the first practical demonstration of the new generation's performance - 7's NMR lithography , As in the large competitors

With an average score of about 3,200 points for a single core and 10,000 points in multi-core mode, even though the working frequency declared by the repository is modest 1.8GHz (Geekbench usually displays the lowest frequency among all available processing clusters) - 8150 will continue to include eight cores in total - which will be divided this time into three processing clusters.

Many results have risen to the pool at once - with levels The averages are very similar

Kryo Silver Quad-Core As we have seen in Snapdragon 845 (with higher potential for higher working frequencies thanks to the improved production process), a pair of Kryo Gold cores designed to cope with higher processing requirements and seemingly a pair of Kryo Gold Plus cores with potential Especially in very short times when the maximum processing power is required in accordance with the Race-to-Sleep technique, which dictates completion of a task at maximum power and minimal time to return to stay as long as possible in an efficient and economical standby mode.

The GSMArena site has provided us with some direct comparison now to other works in the world. - with a significant improvement but also one that still is not enough to conquer the summit

The results of the Snapdragon 8150 are sufficient to exceed most of the results of the The Kirin 980 Which we have encountered so far in multi-core mode (only a few hundred points), but not sufficient to overcome the single core results of the flagship chip from Huawei, nor on those of The current Exynos 9810 chips From Samsung. Compared to Apple's new A12 Bionic This is a lag of tens of percent in single core performance for the competitor - although the gap in multiple cores is smaller and stands at about 1,500 points (or about 15 percent) for the benefit of the iPhone maker.

We have already encountered a first smart device based on the so-called Snapdragon 8150 - and it is purely coincidental Also the first smartphone with a folding screen

The Snapdragon 8150 should include a modem that supports the first time in generation networks Thursday, including especially high-frequency band frequencies up to 60GHz, and may also include support for the 802.11ax standard, or 6, the next generation wireless short-range communications with speeds up to 4 from 802.11ac. The biggest question, however, is the identity of the Adreno graphics core that will be part of the product - and whether it will be able to leap forward and set a new standard for technical capabilities in the mobile devices.

There is good reason to believe that the " 8150 will lead the support trend in In the cellular world, and this may be a significant technological and business characteristic even more than maximum performance in the various synthetic tests

We hope to receive an official announcement on the 8150 already during the current month.