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Rare opportunity: Amazon sends Sony advanced TV to the country

Error or policy change? You have the opportunity to get a modern, high-quality 65 inch at a discount of more than NIS 1,500 including shipping

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Beyond hardware, clothing, toys, and relatively inexpensive gadgets, Also offers for sale a variety of large and advanced electrical products, which in some cases do not have the option of shipping to Israel at all - perhaps because the giant company does not believe that it is an economic offer that many consumers will choose and perhaps for another reason. However, there are sometimes unexpected surprises, such as large and advanced TVs that are suddenly available with direct delivery to the home on behalf of USA by itself.

Sony 950 X2019G model, with 65-inch panel of course 4K resolution, including LED backlight full-array illumination, Dolby Vision HDR content and HDR10 standard, 120 Full HD image processing engine, editorial board TV with built-in Chromecast capabilities, an 20 watt audio system with a pair of subwoofers and a twitter pair, and a power supply with 220 Volt power support available in Israel - is the one currently available with shipping to Israel, and at a very interesting price.

Other sizes of the same model are not available for shipping Israel, so there is a chance that this is only a local mistake - but we will maintain optimism and hope this is the start of something better for buyers from the country

The monstrous package of the product is characterized by a total weight of not less than 32 kilograms, so it is not surprising that the free shipping offer of It does not apply - but even with the extra shipping cost and VAT added on a base price of 1,500 dollars, a highly competitive final cost of 2,173.89 is obtained, that is, NIS 7,650 for value including a conversion fee, compared to the price of over NIS 9,000 for the same product in Israel.

Brave enough to order a large, heavy and relatively fragile product straight from the United States? This is your opportunity, and it is unclear how long it will be available. We will hold our fingers that this is the first bud from the online store before opening more product categories for Israeli delivery - but this is something we will only know for sure in the future.

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