Ready to launch: Samsung's folding smartphone is featured in the commercial

Will folding screens will be the highlight of the exhibition 2019? This seems like a very sensible option

Two months have passed since the company revealed to us (The main) is larger than the dimensions of the product that can be folded into the pocket easily after use - yet this device continues to be shrouded in mystery, with differing opinions even on its name, as well as With regard to its price and technical specifications.

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This is a somewhat disappointing situation, given that this has been a wait of nearly a decade since the first reports predicted by us With a flexible screen just around the corner - but Samsung seems to be planning to provide us with the missing information in the near future and even bring the product in store shelves, judging by a new official video that can be viewed in action for a few seconds.

Fold? F? X? The name may not be final yet, but the product in the picture certainly looks like the next big thing

The seemingly innocuous video immediately became the talk of online gadget enthusiasts (although it was removed within a few hours), and many now believe that the Unpacked 2019 event The February 20 will be used to officially launch the " F, if it will indeed be the name of the prestigious product.

The video that was distributed on the YouTube channel of a representation Vietnam has been removed - but the network knows everything

International Press Conference Will happen a few days before the MWC exhibition, but there is good reason to believe that the model will also star in the company's booth in the exhibition itself, as estimates say that even Huawei, and even Energizer (yes, from the battery field) will display their own folding devices. Will you have to fight back? We hold our fingers.

This is how the folding device was presented at the end of last year - inside a cover designed to disguise the final design

Are excited about the landing of the devices they are And smartphones in one package, or do you think it's a gimmick that will not gain momentum? Tell us in comments.

The futuristic video is something that includes a few more surprising scenes like a remote tattoo using And a robotic arm - then perhaps it would be better to treat everything presented with some skepticism