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Ready to devour the market: a new and especially tough smart watch on its way to us

With a name like T-Rex and aggressive design accordingly - it's hard to remain indifferent to the new creation from Chinese Huami

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Many modern smart watches pretend to be as compact and gentle as possible in order to adapt to a wide and diverse target audience who do not want to feel the difference in appearance and weight over average "stupid" watches - but at Huami have decided to go against this stream and launch their most bombastic watch to date: The Amazfit T-Rex.

The new creation from partner's home Who decided to separate forces and embark on its own independent road built like a tank with waterproofness up to 50 meters / 5 atmospheres and compatible with fresh or salt water swimming operations - plus successfully completing 12 tests in the MIL-STD 810G military standard with extreme high and low temperatures Prolonged moisture and salinity.

The Amazfit brand continues to grow - both in terms of supply and volume of sales
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The Amazfit T-Rex offers a super screen Round 1.3-inch and handsome 360 ​​× 360 pixels, Gorilla Glass 3 protective coating includes a fingerprint reduction coating over it, including a receiver Built-in Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, a built-in pulse meter that operates continuously and a set of motion and position sensors to detect and track 14 different sporting activities. A built-in 390mAh battery should allow about 20 days of operation in average outline (which includes a constant pulse check and daily running of positioning services for a short period of time), up to 66 basic clock operation and up to 20 hours of operation with a receiver Which operates regularly.

Like aggressive and tough G-Shock watches? It definitely feels like their modern heir
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The T-Rex is on its way to various stores around the world right now, with five masculine shades to choose from (khaki, black, dark blue, green and green in camouflage print) and an official recommended price tag of $ 140 which is about NIS 490 in direct conversion. The next hit? We will find out very soon.

Those who prefer their watches with a more refined (and rectangular) appearance, can opt for the newly updated Amazfit Bip S, which weighs only 31 grams, made of polycarbonate casing with a stainless steel button and a rubber band, offering a reflective screen (no built-in backlight) Colorful 1.28 inches for maximum efficiency and clear view under direct sunlight, including Built-in, waterproof up to 50 feet deep, communication Modern 5.0 and built-in continuous pulse gauge - all at a starting recommended price of only $ 70, or a little less than NIS 250 without anticipating any tax additions.

End-to-end enhancements compared to the original Amazfit Bip - with a 30% cut as a bonus
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The Amazfit Bip S will land in stores in February in black, white, pink-white or red-blue tones, with a 200mAh battery that purports to provide about 40 working days in average use and almost a day of strenuous operation with a receiver Enabled regularly. Do you believe there is a more impressive alternative at the same price level? Feel free to talk about it in the comments.

Huami didn't just settle for watches and took the stage at the CES 2020 exhibition to showcase her official entry into the wireless headset field - in a pair of interesting models and a lot to prove to skeptical consumers
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Huami's new Amazfit PowerBuds headphones are designed primarily for sports, with IP55 water and dust protection, partial outside noise filtering capability, built-in pulse gauge and life Up to 8 hours which puts them at the top of the field right now - with a charging case that provides 16 extra hours of operation and fast charging support that allows you to enjoy three hours of play after just a quarter of an hour. Launch next month and the price is $ 100, for black or white and red and yellow and yellow.

The Amazfit ZenBuds headphones are designed for those who do not want to do sports, but rather doze off at maximum efficiency - with the ability to fully block outside noises and make pleasant and relaxing sounds for the user, while monitoring the sleep course with a built-in pulse meter and several additional sensors. Here the company guarantees my life From 8 hours to 12 hours depending on the nature of use, along with an enlarged charging case capable of providing up to 56 hours of operation in total. The recommended price is $ 150, availability is only gray at this time - and the exact launch date has yet to be revealed.

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