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Real fast charging for smartphones, no wires

My record is surprising and announces With 30 watts power to return 50 percent of battery capacity in less than half an hour - and make its commercial debut as early as next week

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We knew Xiaomi was planning The 5G version is updated and upgraded to the Mi 9 brand Its - but we didn't expect it to provide us with rows in the field of charging technologies either. The official announcement of the company on the Chinese social network Weibo now assures us that The future Mi 9 Pro model Enjoy the greatest wireless charging power in the smartphone market to date, which can provide real competition without the few modern wired charging technologies out there.

The leading smartphone to include Snapdragon 855 along with dedicated X50 modem It will also feature a unique and highly efficient charging coil that will support Mi Charge Turbo technology - along with a charger Compatible and declared 98 percent conversion efficiency for wirelessly transmitted energy between them can be charged at no less than 30 watts, which will allow 50 percent of 4,000mAh battery capacity in just under 25 minutes, and full charge to 100 percent in minutes .

Highlights also introduced us to charging 100 watts via cable earlier this year But she has yet to bring it to market - this time things look different and the revealed ability will be part of models that can be purchased in stores very soon

At Hiiumi, they provided a graph that makes it clear that Mi Charge Pro charging is significantly superior to 20 Watt's fast wireless charging with which the original Mi 9 was supplied - and even faster than 4.0 Watt's Quick Charge 27 Watt charging, which is the latest standard of . This is certainly impressive - assuming reality to be similar to theory of course.

The new charging technology will also include a reversible charging option with the Mi 9 Pro 10 watts (relatively high) power for a variety of products - including smartphones

The Chinese manufacturer did not settle for this and also declared even faster wireless charging, up to 40 watts, which is in the stages Now advanced - definitely surprising, and probably something that could bring an 4,000mAh battery to 70 percent capacity in about half an hour en route to full capacity in less than 60 minutes. Officially launching next year's Mi 10 model? We're holding fingers from now on.

Charger A dedicated (with fan inside) will be required to support the Mi Charge Turbo - and we won't be surprised if it is sold separately, and won't be offered by default with any Mi 9 Pro 5G device

Not all consumers like wireless charging, especially since it has been significantly slower than fast charging with cable, but it is certain that developments such as Xiami's could make the technology much more popular and popular - simply put the smartphone in a certain position for a few decades ( Or even a few minutes in the future) and get a life To hold until the next day. How about this? Let's tell in the comments.

There is also an even more promising follow-up plan - which should also be coming to a commercial application in a relatively short time

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