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Half-hour battery: The smartphone offers super fast charging with a power of 50 watts

Company Continues to break conventions and this time with an intermediate model that promises to reach 40 load capacity within just ten minutes, thanks to Super VOOC technology

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Remember the interesting Oppo R17 we told you a few weeks ago, with a smaller drawback on the screen as well Which is built in the opposite direction? Now his older brother and improved R17 Pro lands, revealing to us another very impressive trick that taught him the way to the market.

The new model features a Super AMOLED 6.4-inch screen that is almost identical to the standard Oppo R17 (although narrower and slightly longer), with a 2,340 × 1,080 pixel resolution and a Gorilla Glass 6 coating, a "drop-down" size cut with a selfie camera 25 megapixel, a fingerprint scanner built into the screen at the bottom and also 710 octagon inside, along with dynamic memory of 8GB and volume Of 128GB.

Continues to upgrade its supply - and reinvents the term fast charging

The great uniqueness of the Pro version is combined with a triangular backlit array, with a main 12 MP unit with a variable aperture that is identical to the one in S9 Plus, a second 26 megapixel unit with a wide angle of shot and a third unit used for scanning and 3D recognition of the faces of the subjects.

The triangular array combines the R17 Pro with an exclusive club, P20 Pro - and soon its Mate 20 and probably also the V40 ThinQ from LG

What's even more impressive about the cameras is the model's battery, or more precisely - the batteries. The R17 Pro supports Super VOOC charging technology, which manages to deliver unprecedented speed and overall 50 watts (!) Thanks to a pair based Internal capacity of one 1,850mAh which is loaded simultaneously. The end result is that charging for 40 percent of shared total capacity should take only ten minutes, instead of about half an hour on most leading devices today, while full charging from zero to 100 percent should be completed in less than 35 minutes, compared to about 70 minutes in the outstanding products In this category today - when at the same time 3,700mAh capacity should provide quite respectable working times within the existing hardware.

The price of the new model will be about $ 630, which is definitely an upper limit for the model that does not include Processing belonging to the leading flagship series

God- The R17 Pro is a premium intermediate device that may not (and will not be) available to everyone - but we certainly hope that the technologies will reach other models on the market as well, mainly using a number of "battery compartments" to significantly cut down on known charging times. Agree with us? Let's talk about it in the comments!

The R17 Pro is actually the second model with Super VOOC charging - with the former being the limited-edition Luxury X model, at a recommended price of 1,700 Euros and above


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