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Reinforced and ready for battle: Samsung's folding smartphone returns

The prestigious Galaxy Fold Passed improvements and successfully passed all tests and exams - and launched commercially in select markets in September

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Did you miss? The race to launch the first ever folding screen device heats up again - and it seems Try again to get ahead of the big competitor , This time without unnecessary public embarrassments we hope, with the launch already during the next month.

The giant company has completed engineering and testing for improvements The prestigious Galaxy Fold, With the aim of strengthening its folding screen and unique flexible display panel (which suffered from lack of uniformity and lack of protection from its plastic cover in the first incarnation), and are planning to launch a new advertising project soon Towards a re-launch Don't change the massive price tag - 1,980 dollars and up.

The comeback of the Fold comes quickly to us, After a delay of about four months

There are estimates that announcing the exact launch date of The Galaxy Fold Will come as part of the company's next major Unpacked event at 7 in August, Which will display the Galaxy Note 10 models - When in Samsung We have already updated That will bring the folding device to several major markets around the world in early September, probably aiming to stay ahead of the international launch for Huawei's Folding X Mate X (At the price of EUR 2,300), which is also scheduled for September.

Samsung initially claimed that Fold devices are as reliable and durable as any other luxury smartphone on the market, but have had to fold because of pressure from journalists who have experienced the product And brought in completely different testimonies - It will be very interesting to examine what the manufacturer's approach will be this time

Will this time we get reliable and polished products that can justify their huge prices, or is the fate of the first folding generation already sealed? Tell us what you think about the reactions.

Competition Mate X in the picture) in the market is always welcome for us - although in this specific case we do not really see price cuts thanks to it, at least not at this time

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