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Reports before launch: Huawei Mate 20 will offer an extremely fast load

Will the new leading models officially show later in the day be about to become champions New to the market?

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In a few hours, you will start a press conference in London that will give us three more very interesting smart devices - the Mate 20, the Mate 20 Pro and probably a gaming version that will receive the name Mate 20X, all from the leading Chinese actress in the market today Of course.

We already know what the models on the way will look like, including the triangular photo set arranged in the square at the center of the back (plus a flash to complete the required symmetry) and various faults in the front, Kirin 980 is the world's first Android to be created in 7 nanometer lithograph like this one On A12 Bionic - but the most interesting news now being received is about another "bonus" that will help devices stand out in the field, in the form of 40 watt ultra-fast charging.

Not only Larger than most competitors - but also super-fast charging?

We've grown accustomed to seeing flagship devices support fast battery charging at between 18 and 25 watts, but going beyond the maximum power of 40 watt certainly sounds like the next step - and if Based on the performance we've seen from Oppo's innovative SuperVOOC charger It can be expected here that charging times of less than an hour for full capacity, also for 4,000mAh and 4,200mAh large capacity batteries are expected for Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro respectively.

The Mate 20X (right) may be a particularly massive gaming model with an 7.2-inch screen - and maybe even a compatible touch pen

Batteries that will do more than one job, seemingly in every situation and every use outline, combined with just a few dozen minutes of charging, can certainly become a feature of the new generation's most prominent and leading - all that remains is to hope that we will not be disappointed by all these rumors and evaluations.

The Kirin 980 (right) is supposed to be the most powerful and powerful in the Android universe for the entire 2018 year, and may even compete with A12's In some areas

Are there other surprises at home? That we have not yet discovered? Watch for updates soon.


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