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Rising Level: Advanced wireless headphones with 1More noise filtering

Develops the audio products that were born with the help of CES 2020 showcased with an interesting flag product

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Fully wireless headphones (TWS, or Truly Wireless) have become one of the most popular and widely used products in a very short time - and supply has grown meteorically accordingly, with basic models starting at just tens of NIS and luxury models priced in the hundreds and even thousands of NIS. Is there room to innovate, surprise and succeed here? The Chinese 1More company that managed to gain a fairly positive reputation in the category continues to broadcast great optimism.

The new 1More flagship product that was showcased at the CES 2020 booth is the True Wireless ANC headset - with the company's latest generation hardware And support for noise cancellation technology, which claims to compete with respect for even the biggest names in the market, such as Waffle.

Is this young company ready to compete in the audiovisual super league? We'll find out soon
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The new headphones weigh less than 8 grams each, support two different levels of noise filtering, include a pair of drivers for different frequency ranges in each unit, support for Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity with AptX and AAC technologies for maximum audio transmission, and playback time of up to six hours ( Or five hours with noise cancellation) - up to 22 hours of playback when including the extra carrying capacity of only 63g and loadable with cable Type-C or Qi wireless technology. The fresh model is priced at a pretty ambitious $ 200 price tag, including the consent of the veteran THX company George Lucas established himself in the 15s (and is now owned by the peripheral equipment manufacturer Razer), and also guarantees fast charging that will provide two hours of playback In just XNUMX minutes charging.

True Wireless ANC Headphones Join the Stylish True Wireless Earphones of Manufacturers Available in Unusual Gold, Green and Pink You Can't Find Most Competitors, Wireless Speakers Of various types at prices ranging from $ 30 to $ 100 - and good-looking three-wire over-ear headphones Different for each ear (low frequency reflector, The high-frequency ceramic and driver are made of 40 millimeters graphene to what is in between) which are also priced at a recommended $ 200 price tag. Have a try and be impressed with this partner's products In the past? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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