Rotating Cameras, Rotating Heads: The Zenfone 6 enters the race by storm

Asus hopes to make a comeback in the world of smart handsets with advanced model holder In a special configuration and a larger battery than all competitors

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It was some time since Usus had offered us Which can not be ignored - Its new 6 and its stylers have accompanied us since the beginning of the year 2019 definitely changes the situation.

The flagship of the large Taiwanese manufacturer that refuses to give up a foothold in this competitive world offers first of all a relatively unique mechanical display, which enables the main set of photographs to serve as a set of photographs for SLF when necessary. The Zenfone 6 includes an 6.4-inch IPS screen and 2,340 × 1,080 resolution pixels with HDR10 support and a Gorilla Glass 6 protective cover, Snapdragon 855 up-to-date and advanced, 6GB or 8GB dynamic memory along with 128GB or 256GB of internal storage based on the fast UFS 2.1 system, With an updated ZenUI 6 interface designed to be as similar as possible to the original version of the AOSP project and more.

The margins are not the thinnest ever, but hey - how no fault

The most prominent feature of the device is a dual back camera array, which has a first IMX586 unit with a 48 megapixel resolution and a secondary 13 sub-megapixel secondary unit for wide-angle secularity, which exits and rotates 180 words to make a photographic set even for salafi when required. We've already seen Galaxy A80 Offers a similar concept of Which becomes behind the forward in the order and based on a tiny engine, and it is a little difficult to decide at the moment which of the two matches the target better - but Bassus ensure resistance to 100,000 movements At least, that is, dozens of uses on the front camera every day for five years. Sounds pretty good.

Asus has made do with a pair of cameras in the flagship product - and it suddenly feels like too little in an era when a large part of the competitors offer a triple or higher array

The Zenfone 6 features a built-in fingerprint scanner on the back, a 6000-quality aluminum shell covered with Gorilla Glass both front and back, Built-in NFC, dual-channel GPS receiver, support for the aptX HD audio standard based on Bluetooth connectivity, stereo speakers, 3.5 millimeter slot for headphones, microSD slot for storage expansion and With 5,000mAh capacity, which should enjoy a fast charge of about 66 within one hour.

God- 6 will be available this weekend in some markets - black or silver in color with a bluish tint

The cherry on the whipped cream will be the price tag of 500 EUR, including VAT, in European countries, which will turn the Zenfone 6 into one of the " And assuming that the camera will not disappoint and battery life will be at the top of the category, it will be a very interesting tin that can provide considerable competition for products from the home, או . Agree with us, or think that Eusus will not be able to break through its personal glass ceiling this year? Let's talk about it in comments.

The next brilliant patent or another gimmick that will not help get out of the mud?