Blasting device: Samsung stops shipments of the Galaxy Note 7 due to safety issues

Network reports point to a significant problem in the company's new and discussed tablet

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Smartphones, which spontaneously burst into flames and explode at once without warning, are not unprecedented in our market. In a world where almost everything is reported internationally, we have encountered quite a few such testimonies from all over the world. Attest to the general rule and do not lead to any significant reactions from the manufacturers.

This time, we may be witnessing a slightly different situation - when the star in it is no different than , The market leader, and its new and advanced Note 7 Smartphone.

South Korean news agency reports That the company stopped shipments of the device requested operators Allegedly due to mounting evidence of devices that exploded when they were loaded. Samsung confirmed the report and claimed that additional quality checks were required for the models, but it seems that such an unusual problem could affect Note 7 units around the world, not just in its domestic market, so we will wait for further updates.

One documented victim of the problem in Note 7
One documented victim of some of the problem in Note 7

It is worth noting that the new tablet is the first model from home Which uses the standard and the Type C, which, as is well known, 3.1) in delivering suppliers significantly higher than the previous ones, which led to a much greater awareness of the quality and integrity of the cable that they have connected to the smart device recently. It is not inconceivable that information about bursting devices comes from sources that use unapproved and non-original cables for charging - although this is only speculative at present, it should be made clear.


So, Note 7 on the way down? It is reasonable to assume that it is not really, but we will continue to monitor further developments in this affair, and we will also inform you of all the significant details, of course.

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