Steal the show? Samsung's flexible device is ready to launch alongside the Galaxy S10

Teasers and billboards confirm that the unique folding device of the giant company will indeed be fully displayed in the upcoming Unpacked event

Many are convinced that the press conference of Next Wednesday will provide us with an impressive number of new models to talk about: S10, of course, is the first of its kind, 5G models A for the intermediate market as well as a first folding model, where the sources are still divided between the name F name X for him.

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A teaser video that came on YouTube 's official YouTube channel "The Future Unfolds" - The Future Unfolds the full show of the device will occur at 20 in February, even if the actual launch is not necessarily close to that of the S10 models expected to reach dozens of markets around the world as early as March .

Samsung is not only making a short video but is already putting teasers for the folding model on billboards in major cities - which undoubtedly helps create buzz and interest around the exposure on the way, and perhaps makes it clear that the company is aiming for wide international availability and not limited launch as a kind of gimmick and device for selling other models .

Great and strange publications are appearing around the globe - and we are even more interested in the glittering event at 20 in February

It is quite clear that the smartphones will be advanced and sophisticated in all aspects, but the main question mark continues to be the expected price tag - optimistic estimates speak of a price of about $ 1,500, while others estimate that the cost may be higher than 2,000 per unit, The leading S10 Plus with the ceramic shell feels like a sane deal. What is your guess? Let's tell us!