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Samsung's Splendor: Get to know your smartphone with a folding screen

The event we were waiting for did not take place behind closed doors, but on stage before the entire world: the biggest smartphone maker is almost ready to offer us Which suddenly turns into a small tablet, and also ensures that the Android system will offer built-in support for these innovative configurations in the future

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Early reports (Along with the new main image on the official Facebook page) promised us up-to-date information about the updated flexible home screen technology At its developer conference - but we have to admit that we didn't really expect to see its demo vividly on the main stage, so it is definitely possible to add credit to the company for a particularly interesting surprise.

After a brief promotional video on the company's Infinity Flex Display technology, one of the vice presidents of Mobil's mobile division And presented the wonder in a practical way - sort of With an 7.3 square-inch screen that folds in half vertically and becomes a smartphone thanks to a secondary external elongated screen, and with an interface that naturally supports the automatic transition of the content from one unit to the other depending on its dimensions.

This is what the future of the smartphone market will look like for the coming years, apparently

The product presented is chubby and has very sharp and uninviting corners, though the company representative quickly stated that this is not the true look of the final model, but rather a cover designed to mask and keep the real thing secret at this time - so we still have trouble assessing whether this is a massive piece here as well The Royole FlexPai that mentions two Pasted together, or perhaps a decade of Gives Samsung the knowledge and ability to compress the amazing technology in the body that can be a substitute for a modern smartphone without difficulty.

In addition to the folding teaser, Samsung has announced at the Developers Conference on A brand new interface called One UI Which will replace the Samsung Experience with both "traditional" configuration and folding smartphones that will support (among other things) running three different on-screen applications at once - and the even more surprising news is that at the same time as Samsung's personal event, we received a announcement from Google's Android developer conference, In it Official approval The mobile operating system will also have built-in support for flexible screens of various types with custom design language and interfaces.

The representatives of Declare, with a predetermined coordination, dedicated support for flexible screens - with a smart interface that will respond in real time to folding movements

In other words, it now appears that it is no longer a gimmick that will fade away - flexible and folding screens are indeed going to be part of the realities of the market, with first focusing on vertical axis folding with single-screen use (such as the FlexPai) or using a secondary screen at the back of the main display unit (Like Samsung's first development). What will be the most successful and popular direction? Apparently this coming year will be devoted to a lot of trial and error in the field - from Samsung and a host of other big and small competitors.

Chinese manufacturers have managed to get ahead of everything else - but the solution seems to be domestic May be due to much more. We hope to receive all the answers and information that we lack at the beginning of next year

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