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Samsung Galaxy A9: Price and Performance are Revealed

The Korean giant's new tablet has been officially unveiled, and continues to position itself as an interesting alternative to Galaxy Note

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The Galaxy A9 smartphone, With the Size 6 and the X- The fresh 652, already here - at least for Chinese consumers where it was launched a few days ago, seemingly as a stopover for a sweeping international show in the not too distant future. Is there something to be excited about here? Probably so.

The launch of the Galaxy A9 enabled us to get a second look at the performance of the Chip Snapdragon 652 The octagon of cores, probably Qualcomm's Leading 2016 Intermediate - This time on the latest Antutu 6 performance test, where the device achieved a pretty good 73,000 score, compared to the 80,000 points that the prominent Snapdragon 810 devices get, the 84,000 points result Top of the line Based on the Exynos 7420, and results of 100,000 points apparent to the chip - 820.


In other words, 652 is in a good position close to 2015's leading chips, both according to Antutu and the Geekbench and GFXBench tests we saw earlier. If it is also priced at a price similar to that of the 615 this year - we will surely have a great contender here.


Now, to the price issue. According to the latest information available, The Galaxy A9 will be marketed in China for about 3,200 Chinese yuan, which is about 490 USD and 1,920 NIS. Up-to-date with surprisingly good performance and a relatively generous capacity battery - so in any case it's a reasonable offer (assuming this price tag is kept for the international versions as well) that can suit anyone who doesn't really want or want to afford the Galaxy Not 5 or the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. In addition, the A9 feels like a competitor for the PRO 5, which, as mentioned, offers hardware very similar to that of the 5 but with a price tag that is closer to that of the new tablet.


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