Samsung Introduces: Two Different Faces for Same Product

The manufacturer's new smart watch will be offered in a classic and elegant version for fans of the genre, and also in a version with a sportier and tougher look

As promised, Samsung has also launched its own new smart clock at the IFA 2016 - the circular Gear S3, which seems to be a pretty good success. The Gear S2 predecessor, Regardless of the amount of minimum changes made.

The Gear S3 offers a completely circular Super AMOLED screen with an 1.3 diameter and 360 × 360 resolution. Under the new Gorilla Glass SR + cover, An up-to-date Exynos 7270 chip that still includes only a pair of 1GHz processing cores and is based on the 28 nanometer manufacturing process (although it may now be cores Of 64 bit, for a change), increased 768 MB RAM, built-in 4GB storage, Which will significantly improve its ability to track sports and fitness, Built-in voice commands and calls received from the previous model, built-in heart rate monitor, IP68 water and dust protection, updated Tizen Wearable 2.3.2 system, built-in NFC and MST chipsets to support digital payments - and significantly enhanced 380mAh battery Which is supposed to ensure three or four working days at a time.

The new model includes a color display option that will be displayed regularly to the user - as opposed to other smart clocks that go unused when optimizing battery life

The Gear S3 is wider, bigger and heavier than its predecessor, but it also has a larger screen so it is not surprising - along with a pair of control buttons on the right and a metal element rotating around the screen, as in many standard watches, On the means of display.

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The dimensions have grown - but at least there is now support for standard 22 millimeters of watches, not just special Samsung straps

The most interesting feature in Gear S3 is probably the pair of 'finishes' that can be reached: Gear S2 also got a classic version with a leather strap in the months after its launch, but the current Samsung model reinforces the basic assumption that even in the watch industry there is no one model that fits perfectly All for the first day, and will also offer a lighter classic model that tries to be similar to a classic wristwatch, and a heavier Frontier that breaks a masculine sporty look and slick rectangular activation buttons along with an option for extra connectivity Which does not exist in Classic.

Gear S3 will support device connectivity With 1.5GB of RAM or greater and with system And above - and in instruments , For the first time

The difference in appearance between the two models is not huge, but it is always nice to see an attempt to provide some personal choice for the customers, which is gradually becoming a norm in the field of computers that we are happy to wear.

It can be argued that the Gear S3 is a minor improvement over its predecessor - but perhaps that was all it needed?
It can be argued that the Gear S3 is a minor improvement over its predecessor - but perhaps that was all it needed?

The Gear S3 watches are expected to reach retailers around the world in the next two months, with a price tag that will stand on 400 EUR (including taxes) in Europe for each sub-model - almost 2 from the cost of the new round ZenWatch 3. Simple in our opinion.