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Samsung Introduces: Great, fast storage for your future smartphone

Shortly after announcing its new eMMC 5.1 chips, is launching Chips Based on the Standard 2.0, which can be delivered in high volumes up to 128 gigabytes

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Chips The New Samsung 2.0

Samsung began mass production of the first memory chips in the market with a volume of 128 Gigabytes based on the new UFS 2.0 (or Universal Flash Storage) standard. this message, Which came only about a week after the company announced New chipset Which are based on the eMMC 5.1 standard, will affect the entire smartphone market and specifically the next flagship smartphones of leading manufacturers.

According to , The random reading performance of the new UFS 2.0 chips is about 19,000 IOPS, which is an 2.7 jump compared to average memory chips for today's flagship devices based on the eMMC 5.0 standard. Apart from a significant jump in chip performance, Announces that these new chips consume approximately 50 less power, enabling the new memory to maintain high performance in low power consumption and cost-effective for time Including higher than normal.

In 14,000 IOPS, the write speed of the new UFS 2.0 chips is also high Especially impressive, the speed is 28 (!) Higher than the average external memory cards on the market today. This allows the following flag smartphones to shoot and watch quickly and efficiently on video On the device itself, uncompromisingly (as some of us experience during playback or shooting of extremely high resolution videos).

Is the S6 and S6 Edge will come with the chips The new Samsung 2.0?

According to Ji-Ho Bick, senior vice president of corporate memory department advertising: "With the start of mass production of new and ultra-fast UFS chips, reaching peak volumes for the entire market, we allow consumers to experience new experiences that have so far been impossible Tools . In the future, we will raise the proportions of our fastest memory chips for widespread growth in the high-market memory market where we are today. "

UFS chips of 2.0 (32), 64 and 128 Gigabytes (twice the size of the company's new eMMC 5.1 chips), with these chips intended for high-end gadgets and smartphones, and the new eMMC 5.1 chips are expected to be assimilated into the next generation, Tim for the mid-high market.


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