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Samsung offers ultra-fast memory for smartphones and tablets

Samsung has announced memory DRAM New to PC And smartphones, which will enable the development of handsets And reduced energy consumption
Tablet PCs and smartphones today include impressive technical data and random access memory (RAM) In high volume, although the South Korean company Samsung wants to take matters into their own hands and bring the mobile gadgets to the edge of their performance capability. In fact,Has released The company on its website, announced Officially on L Which will be manufactured in the 20 nanometer process and will bring its devices to the top of the performance tables.
The company says the new memory chips have capabilities Equal to memory DRAM Standard on desktop computers. The new memory is able to transmit information at maximum speed of 2,133 Megabytes per second (Mbps), When it comes to performance almost as high as 3 compared to memoryL Which transfers information at a speed of 800Mbps.
For example, they say in Samsung that the new memory capability can transfer three quality movies Full-HD (Whose volume is more than 17 gigabytes) within one second. "Our new memory will enable the world's leading manufacturers to bring mobile devices with higher performance than ever before," said Zhen Yang-yun, . The company believes that due to the continued growth of tablet and smartphone screens, More effective is definitely a necessary commodity.
MemoryL The new Will be available at higher volumes when it is faster than identical memories produced in the process of 30 nm - because it is produced in such a way that it can provide Are tens of percent higher. At the same time, the energy consumption it needs will develop significantly - which may indicate that the devices may become even more subtle and light.
Is the- The new Note will be the first to include the The LPDDR3?
Samsung is expected to continue later this year declare On its 3 (probably in September), as more and more information surfaced around the Web that it would be the first device to include the "DRAM The new volume is generated in the 20 nanometer process. In addition, it is possible that the 11 Information about him They have also emerged recently, and will also offer the quickest memory.


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  1. Anyone make up numbers?
    If such a chip can transmit 2Gbps, more than 60 chips working together are needed to reach 17GB per second.
    Theory and reality are different things.

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