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Samsung began manufacturing next-generation Apple chips - at 14 nm

After Apple decided to leave As a supplier of components for its devices, the company plans to manufacture its next A9 chips in a lithography And by who if not - Samsung

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RBB Samsung 11
The factory of In Austin, Texas

According to new information, Samsung, one of Apple's main competitors in the mobile field, will produce the company The A9 is expected to be unveiled with the next generation of iPhones and iPads.

The chip, which comes in 14 nanometer only lithography, is based on "3D" transistors with FinFET gates. The new chips are manufactured in the latest factory of Texas, the only factory in the world that manufactures chips for devices In such a low lithography, when the producer Is currently only producing a probe in the lithography of 16 nanometers.

This news comes only about a week afterSamsung has announced On the start of mass production of chips in the 14 nanometer and the 3D technology with the X-, And now we know who will be one of the company's biggest customers for chips, if not the largest.

Despite the speculation that Apple will distribute its A9 chip production between at least another manufacturer (TSMC? GlobalFoundries?), Apple's new alliance with Certainly attests to a change in chip manufacturing, or the desperation of On the subject.


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  1. Desperate for Apple? A little pretentious to say such a thing. SAMSUNG is the only manufacturer on 14 n that is all. It's not like she no longer has an option. She won't drown herself for hurting her opponent

  2. To arik100
    Apple is dependent on Samsung as Samsung is also dependent on Apple Apple depends on them that they want them to produce the processors but Apple uses factories and all that it is not that they say you will make a good processor and thanks it is not Apple using its factories to produce Under Apple's conditions, if TSMC had the technology to make Apple's processors on 10 N, then Samsung would produce them. Samsung will always maintain their technology and more because they want to work for Apple.

  3. A. Samsung is not a single company and most often as Samsung Snugphones are not ready to be held by the eggs by Samsung Electronics and for every component they also buy from external manufacturers, so they have no problem in some of the issues doing something profitable with Apple (a partnership that puts a lot of money into them).
    B. Apple didn't say it was leaving Samsung and vice versa.

  4. As they once said, Apple will never leave Motorola and Hope one bright day shocked the world and passed sharply to Intel processors (and their other secret launches). I wouldn't be surprised if behind the scenes Apple is working on loads of technology with loads of secrecy and if the right conditions mature ...

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