Samsung Introduces: The Smartphone That Does not Need Words

A fresh and almost silent commercial offers us another opportunity to get an impression of what- Close up

The battle between the first pair of smart devices on the market, from the two largest manufacturers in the market, is expected to be one of the most exciting technological events of the current year - but while Huawei chose to highlight advantages such as screen size and overall thickness of The Mate X model Together to Fold, it seems that Samsung is convinced that there is nothing more than eye-catching to convince the audience to choose their work.

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A new four-minute video that went up to one of Samsung's official YouTube channels offers another look at the folding device that will cost Euro 2,000 on all sides - all without any narration and with very little sound in general, which has already earned it the unofficial nickname 'ASMR In the version Fold '. Surprisingly, the result feels quite effective.

In the video you can see the operation of the Fold opening and closing axis, from the relatively fast transition between the small external screen operation and the large internal screen function, from the various shades (and color combinations) that will be available from the PowerShare wireless capability, S10 and also from the various methods of shooting with the device both in its closed state and in the open state.

Different shades for the back of the device - and for the innovative axis that makes the vision a reality

The video also shows some of the applications that have been optimized in advance for the new and unique configuration, such as Maps and Netflix (also presented live on stage at launch), Instagram, Duo and Asphalt 9 - when the end times are dedicated to the device's support for the company's DeX capability when connecting to an external display medium.

One of the only moments with The actual video features a large-screen gaming. Will mobile gaming enthusiasts fall in love with the idea?

Is there more information about the Fold, or are we now just waiting for the official launch date to test the battery life and overall usability of the model, especially alongside the price tag? You are invited to tell us what you think about the comments.

There will also be support for the capabilities of the DeX platform, as befitting a device that may be best suited for affluent business people