reverse? Samsung was eliminated from the list of the top five leading computer makers

reverse? Samsung was eliminated from the list of the top five leading computer makers

Despite a growing product line from the status of the Korean giant in the world of smart watches and bracelets, while Fitbit, and- They continue to rule

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The wearable computer market continues to grow at an impressive rate - 21 million smart watches and various kinds of bracelets were purchased by consumers in the third quarter of 2015 alone, on the way to over 70 million units to be purchased during the current year, and about 200 million units expected to be sold each year by the end of the decade.

However, one company that doesn't exactly enjoy this boom is the company that dominates the parallel smartphone market - Samsung, Shelly The latest report Of the analysis company IDC is no longer in the first five, after that Which began the year 2015 In fourth place.


The veteran US company Fitbit continued to lead the quarter with sales of 4.9 million units, while Apple continued with No. 2 Its Apple Watch Enjoying sales of nearly 4 million units alone, Xiaomi has signed the top three list with its popular and popular products. The veteran Gramin is in fourth place - and the big surprise in fifth place, which has put off With more than 100,000 units sold, is the Chinese BBK company that has started to market For children, which enjoys sales of about 700,000 units in this quarter.

Fitbit is still the leading center
Fitbit is still the leading center

The current data also remind us of the relatively poor state of the G- Wear of - since none of the five major manufacturers (and in fact the six manufacturers, considering Samsung is in sixth place) makes no use of it.

It is the Chinese clock that won to test all the Samsung Gear models for generations
It is the Chinese watch that won to test all Gear's models Generations

Is the Gear S2 fun Launched recently, it will be able to return To the path of success? We'll see.


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