Samsung is not waiting for Samsung: The new smartphone is already starring in an official • HWzone commercial

Samsung is not waiting for Samsung: The new smartphone is already starring in an official advertisement

The Korean Giant Can't Wait For The Event The official unpacked set for tonight's evening - and uploads an interesting video for its new flexible device

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In less than a day, the company's first unpacked event will arrive For 2020, which will try to elegantly ignore all the troubles and concerns that the Corona virus is bringing to the global market - and celebrate with the announcement for three devices S20 new and advanced and also an instrument Z Flexible Flip which feels like a significant upgrade compared to Fold that preceded him.

The network is packed with various detailed leaks for the various designs For 2020, but the most surprising fact is that the company itself decided to go ahead of schedule - and decided to air an official video of the folding smartphone before it was announced, during the annual Academy Awards ceremony that many millions watched around the world.

The video doesn't even show us the name of the product, and is actually an online live teaser for the unpacked event in question - but it does allow us to be impressed by a tiny, very basic external display in the compact foldable model (one that can be challenging to use in a Hebrew interface, based on past experience ), A halved interface for making calls On the main, elongated inner screen, two shades of purple or black of them can be selected and a casing that is not foldable and closes completely flat, seemingly.

If the short moments in the video where you can see the Z Flip in its closed state is in line with reality - we seem to expect a replay of here Prestigious and expensive which will be very sensitive to the vulnerability of struggle and other small objects that are around us at any given moment. Let's hope the manufacturer has sleeve surprises when it comes to durability and reliability this time around.

The video is short and its documentation is not of the highest quality, but even in this situation you can pay attention to the challenges that await Samsung as part of the new and unique technology

Expect more updates soon!


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  1. If not the excessive price is a situation I would consider buying, but both the price and the problems of early adopter I will wait another generation or two.
    But I'm tired of big devices in the water.

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