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See in the dark and sleep quietly: the home camera that does not need an electrical connection

The Reolink Argus 2 camera comes with everything you need to take advantage of the solar weather in the country For your personal smart home

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The Internet of Things and Smart Homes revolution is underway, even if you don't necessarily feel it every day - and now it seems that anyone can benefit from smart, electronic and remotely managed devices with minimal effort and knowledge. Get acquainted with the Argus 2 camera, which is one of the best proofs of this, and will allow you to get enhanced security in your home environment with surprisingly good ease.

The new product from Reolink from Hong Kong, which will soon be celebrating its 10th anniversary, claims to be one of the most accessible and high-quality home security systems with FullHD day and night shooting capability, a wide 130 angle, an infrared sensor to detect movement up to 10 meters, IP65 protection from water and dust, built-in microphone and speaker for recording and playback, and of course connectivity Wireless backward, with WPA2-PSK encryption support.

Your Smart Home starts here

We received the camera for testing, a chassis that includes the camera itself, an adjustable arm that can also be installed with no screws and equipment at all, an anchorage harness, plastic cover for use in an external location, a set of screws and sockets for situations where there will be a preference for physical fixation and a USB cable for charging the battery 5,200mAh Power - When we landed, we also had a simple and convenient solar panel enclosure to install just as much as the camera itself, which would allow Argus 2 to operate without connecting to a dedicated power source at all. Very effective when looking to install a camera In a "challenging" location that is not very accessible.

Everything you need is already inside, basically - and once the box is opened you can reach the system Active in just minutes

We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of its sensor's X-megapixel "only" resolution, both day and night, even in conditions where the environment is almost completely dark - and it was also nice to have a reasonably reasonable display quality when viewing the camera online through the dedicated app found on Play Store of And App Store .

Beyond recording everything you see before, including with a cloud-ready future (currently in beta in the United States), the Argus 2 can trigger an alarm at any displacement detection, send real-time back alerts via email or posh - and also allow owners to access the view tank Or a computer, including the possibility to make a pager from the camera using the built-in loudspeaker when needed.

Predefined working hours, recording when motion detection only and a variety of comprehensive options are available at your fingertips

We also received the Argus Pro model from the manufacturer, which, of course, is an equally cheap and effective compromise for those who need it with the same imaging capabilities during the day using the FullHD sensor that supports 15 frames per second, built-in microphone and speaker for listening and speaking, Black and white photo capabilities during the night include detection of people up to 10 meters away and a slightly more basic docking position than the Argus 2.

The slightly older Argus Pro model also provided quality results, both in indoor and out-of-home testing

The Argus Pro camera is sold for 100 dollars, while the Argus 2 camera is offered with a recommended price tag of 130 USD, and is available in Israel for a price of 570 NIS - without the solar panel, it should be noted, which is priced at an additional 30 dollars separately or Price 155 bucks with the camera. You can also purchase a dedicated silicone casing to protect the camera from water and sunlight when used outdoors with 10 dollars.

Indoor, solar panel and solar weather like the one that exists in Israel most of the year is all you need


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  1. Have you also checked the net gear's Earl?
    There are also solar panels and the quality is very high. Now announce both the 4K version and the additional sensors it makes
    The security system system goes far beyond just photography.

  2. very interesting! I have a Netgear Arlo pro staple with 3 cameras that are all out of the house and see beauty! Rain immunity and a super strong magnet that didn't even require the cameras to hang
    Automatic recording in almost every move - excellent working, batteries lasting about a month. Until I get organized on the solar panel

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