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Simple Pie: Android 9.0 was officially launched

Owners of appliances Can install the latest version of the operating system right now - and some others can do so by the end of the current year

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Neither Popsicle nor Pumpkin Pie - the official name of the latest operating system from home Will be just Pie, Pie, and is available for download in its full version starting today.

As always, the update comes first from home Itself, The first and second generation in this case (the Nexus series has been completely forgotten at the back) proving once again their value to all those who need to experiment with the newest capabilities before everyone - with the main surprise also available on the Of Andy Rubin, who will no doubt be able to give him credits for a forthcoming launch of the next generation in the not too distant future.

A simple and easy name for the most advanced version of the leading mobile system

Other devices that participated in the beta program for Android 9.0 and devices that are part of the One should also receive the device before the end of the current year, with this list included , A few models from the Xiomi house, XZ2, 6 and others. And what about the other popular smartphones on the market? Here everything starts to get complicated, when every manufacturer needs to meet its promises of support (if any) according to its own schedules.

Devices Enjoy the innovations already. Everything Else? Still under question marks

What do you get in Android Pie? The most notable changes are probably built-in screen deficits of all kinds and types, so that no information is left unnoticed by the user, as well as an updated navigation method based on a single software button and its various part gestures along with horizontal switching between applications in multi-task mode (instead of the "folder" method The horizontal).

Privacy and life Enhanced - by means of learning your personal use habits

Other interesting additions are improved and more precise text selection, enhanced contrast that makes fonts more readable and clearer in all resolutions and display sizes, a smarter automatic brightness mode that really does the job and does not jump frantically between different steps depending on the light sensor situation at any given time, And microphone for Which operate in the background in favor of greater privacy, a better life situation Enhanced based on the learning preferences and nature of each consumer for better quality results - and also a correction to the volume control interface so that it appears on the screen adjacent to the designated physical buttons and allows a constant choice of pressing media control and ringing volume control.

At last you will know how much power you have heard of each click

Some of the pie version capabilities will not be available right now - dedicated options that should reduce device usage and prevent excessive use of the device will generally be added to the system only for the winter, as well as the Slices feature which will integrate operations directly within That exist on your device in the results of the Google Search app , To complete actions faster and more intuitive than ever before.

Extensions intended to keep Digital Age users are currently only available in beta - with a formal launch in the fall months

Are excited about the arrival of the 2018 version, or are you satisfied with the old and familiar update and interface you already have on your device? Let's talk about it.


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      1. You see bugs, I see a comprehensive new feature set and device with flagship hardware and frequent updates (remind me when will Samsung / LG devices get this update?) At a third price.

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