Six figures on the way to the New Year: a good start for the F1 Pocophone smartphone

The brand's new and ultra-lucrative sub-brand Gaining momentum

Today it is available in the Holy Land (And even a little less if you visit Eilat), and thanks to this, we must of course have my company, which reinvented the term "flagship" a few months ago with its Poco brand, and managed to reap another market share In the process, it seems.

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Representatives of the young sub-brand announced the sale of 700,000 PXophone F1 devices in just three months, while the product is available in a relatively few markets that include India and Israel. No sales data for the 845 is the least expensive to have in the Holy Land at this point, but judging by its wide availability in local stores (over 40 stores that are included in the Zap site are both for the model with 64GB's And for the 128GB model) it seems that this is a success story that contributes quite a bit to the overall global figure.

Pocophone F1 was launched in the country with the lowest cost for God- 845 - and since then continues to fall in ownership and break its own highs

This is a modest figure, but we must not forget that this is a brand that was just born and sold in the market for only a few months. It is reasonable to assume that this figure guarantees us continuity for the Poco family next year too. , And in the meantime we have launched another version for the F700,000 with the Armored Edge Edition, which is embedded like a collar, which gives better grip to consumers who give up protective cover. This version has only been available so far with 100GB storage at the maximum price of the F1 Pocophone, but will now be offered with internal storage of 256GB (and memory Of 6GB) at a price equivalent to approximately $ 335. We hope that it will also land in Israel as a more interesting addition to the supply portfolio.

A "new" version was introduced - but we are already thinking about next year and future generations

What characteristics would you like to see on the Poco models of 2019? Let us tell you in comments.

A new Poco F2 smartphone appears to appear in the Geekbench test database - with the same usage 845 with 6GB of Dynamic as in the first generation make us suspect that it is not the heir we are looking for