Smart Watches at Sane Prices: Pebble Time and Pebble Time Round are sold at a reduced price (updated)

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updating: Another easy drop in price allows you to purchase the The Pebble Time Clock (Black) for only $ 170, including taxes and shipping to Israel, and The Pebble Time Round watch (Black or silver) for only $ 231. Absolutely worth it.

Original article: The unique and unique watches of the manufacturer that grew out of a campaign Is particularly successful in providing a discount for its latest models, and is available for purchase and direct shipments to Israel via Amazon

Remember the Pebble watch with the electronic ink screen, Which broke fundraising records at the Kickstarter site somewhere in 2012? Well, since quite a few things have changed - Have become the new hot market, and the people behind the original Pebble watch have created a company for yourself, and have developed a number of recent products that enjoy great commercial success and a fanatic community of fans.

Now, Pebble's new smart watches Are being cut 20% and 25% of their price - and become one of the most interesting offers in this market for those who want to join the trend without tearing the pocket.

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The company's Pebble Time watch, Which also won a mass funding campaign last year, Offers a colorful and cost-effective electronic color ink screen with thousands of "clock faces" to display the time and alarms available in its dedicated content store, compatibility and support for Android and iOS, water resistance up to 30 meters, Which promises to last a week of work.

The Pebble Time Source:
The Pebble Time

Pebble Time is now available at the price of 150 dollars Instead of 200 dollars in the past, when you can make a purchase in Amazon USA with direct shipping to Israel and with payment of taxes at a total price of about 195 USD - about 760 NIS. Pebble Time is available for purchase in white, red or black.

Also the Steel version of the Pebble Time model, Which offers a more luxurious metal body, and a life Up to 10 days (!) Between charges and charges are sold at a discount of 200 USD - or 255 dollars with taxes and direct delivery to Israel.

In addition, also The Pebble Time Round model (28 G) and 20 millimeters and 14 millimeters for men and women respectively - is offered at a discounted price of 200 USD or 255 USD in Amazon Including taxes and shipping to Israel - a few shekels less than 1,000 NIS It is worth noting that only the black model and the silver model are available at the discounted price, while other color models continue to be sold at an initial cost of $ 250.

The Pebble Time Round
The Pebble Time Round

So if you want Which goes against the mainstream category - you now seem to have an opportunity to buy one (or some) at a slightly more competitive price. Enjoy!