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Car camera is very lucrative Up-to-date look forward to you

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The weekend came and with him more Catch from the almost endless variety of the Gearbest store - you only have to choose what you need from the list.

The fresh Amazfit Verge Lite watch is one of the hugely competitive works of the popular Huami company, which was originally launched about four months ago and is now available for less than NIS 300. On Verge Lite you will get a screen 1.3 inch round with 360 × 360 pixel resolution, polycarbonate and silicone body with IP68 protection against water and dust and a built-in 390mAh battery that charges in about two hours and should last on average 20 working days.

The smart watch, in dark gray, includes a receiver Built-in for more precise and reliable tracking of user's sporting activities, up-to-date Bluetooth 5.0 BLE connectivity, three-axis accelerometers and a built-in pulse meter. if you Your First Steps In Wearable Computers And Don't Want To Commit To A Grandiose Money Before You Decide Is This Something You Need - This is definitely a quality pewter with a decent amount of features.

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With everything you need - at a modest price

promo code: AMVERGELI

Price: 87 USD, with free shipping option to the country.

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Webcam Compact and worthy of Alfawise's well-known category, a G70 model that offers an IMX323 sensor from home 1 / 2.7-in-size and optical array with f / 1.5 aperture key for optimal operation even in dark conditions, 170 wide-angle shooting angle with 1080p at 30 frame rate per second - and with an 2.45-inch IPS screen that lets you see what you in real time.

The favorite cube camera has an interface with Hebrew support, a built-in super-capacitor that should allow it to operate for a few seconds in situations where there is an unexpected disconnection of the power supply, support for up to 64GB microSD cards for several hours of recording And connectivity Built against the accompanying management app that you can install on your smartphone - all for less than NIS 150 including shipping.

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If you don't have a road camera in the car yet - it's a wake-up call and a golden opportunity to change the situation

promo code: MAG70BPT

Price: 41 USD, with option to ship to the country at a price starting at 0.96 USD.

A smart and economical ceiling lamp from the Yeelight brand that operates under (how-to) rubber, with a large diameter of 480 millimeters and with a power of up to 32 watts which can be received in white light at a temperature between 2700K and 6000K (warm or cold light), with remote control and with Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity to support action with Amazon's Smart Assistant or Smart Assistant - Available now on sale Priced at 100 dollars, without the need to enter any coupon.

The lamp in question can only be shipped to Israel at a funny cost of 3 cents - when buyers also receive a custom dimmer switch with connectivity For remote control on and off and shade and the illumination power of various smart bulbs. A nice bonus for anyone looking to take their first steps in the smart home world.

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Compact and elegant lamp for large rooms up to 25 square meters

Price: 100 USD, with option to ship to the country at a price starting at 0.03 USD.

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