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A smart phone from a good house at 810 only: The Huawei Honor 5C is available for purchase

One of the best-selling models of the Chinese manufacturer has always been available in Amazon at a great price

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There are a lot of highly affordable smart devices on the market these days, and some of them offer high quality and worthy specifications even at price tags lower than the thousand thousand shekels - so in almost every budget you decide on you expect plenty of deliberation and competition.

Now, to the rapidly growing category of 'I do not believe this smartphone costs only three digits,' Hughei's new Honor 5C is also officially joining Huawei's brand, with In the production process of 16 nanometers and a metal shell with very few compromises.

It just seems expensive
It just seems expensive

The Honor 5C has an 5.2-inch IPS screen and an 1080p resolution, Kirin 650 is a self-developed octagonal casing from Huawei that stands out above most competitors in the category thanks to its reliance on an up-to-date 16 nanometer process that helps it be more efficient and significantly cooler, 2GB RAM, built-in 16GB MicroSD cards, 13 megapixel camera First, a secondary 8 camera, megapixel system Marshmallow with EMUI interface in version 4.1, 3,000mAh battery - and also a nice metallic body as mentioned, which according to the registrars is one of the most impressive at this price level in the entire world.

The smartphone shares much in common with the latest Huawei P9 Lite - but is priced at a significantly lower cost
The smartphone shares much in common with the The latest P9 Lite - but priced at a significantly lower cost

Not everything is fully luminous and complete in Honor 5C - Noteworthy is that its Western model lacks a built-in Asian fingerprint scanner, does not support any fast charging technology, does not come with any unique protective cladding above the display unit, and also lacks frequency support -850MHz in the third generation, and like many other Chinese smartphones may provide partial coverage of the third generation in operators And Pelephone, in parallel with full frequency coverage in the second and fourth generation of all suppliers in Israel, and full coverage by Partner in the third generation.

Note that the European version is without a fingerprint scanner, as opposed to a large number of images (to the Far East version) that can be found on the net
Note that the European version is without a fingerprint scanner, as opposed to a large number of (To the Far East version) that can be found online

The new smartphone Now available for purchase in Amazon UK Available in silver, gilded or gray shades - and priced at only £ 162, including all relevant related taxes and including direct shipping to Israel. This is a price that translates into NIS 810, making the Honor 5C an instant lucrative smartphone that can compete with any device you find in stores across the Holy Land. Run to buy or give up? Tell us what you think in the comments.

Run and buy?
Run and buy?


8 תגובות

  1. This device, in front of the Nexus 5x, which is better?
    Regardless of the price at the moment, net performance and pitchers.

  2. Interesting price
    Specs that would win at 2013 that Cellphone rose at this level 3000 NIS and today 810 NIS
    When you get a bonus today:
    Android OS, v6.0
    microSD, up to 256 GB
    H.265 player
    Loudspeaker Voice 66dB

    It's a pity you don't specify if there is cellular Hebrew?
    Need to download Hebrew?
    Can you even get full Hebrew?

    1. Why do you ask about Hebrew all the time? It's not structured in all the modern Androids.

      1. Definately not
        Especially you buy from the US so as not to hurt Europe or India sales
        You can't put Hebrew, you can download from Google keyboard in Hebrew and that's it.

        What's more, even if Android forcefully puts Hebrew into it, by hacking (as Chinese do)
        Who never arrived
        And a special mobile translation, the Hebrew can be funny and distorted

        Do not forget any cellular has been updated and enhancements that are specific to the cellular
        That's why there are no quick updates from Google

        1. You renewed me….
          In my experience, I know that the OnePlus 1 parcel ordered to the US - comes with built-in Hebrew, of course after selecting the menus, but without the need for a special download / installation…
          I thought the morelocal days, or something, had passed and passed them ...

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