King Snapdragon: Qualcomm continues to unquestionably control the world of smartphone chips

Despite the challenges, Manages to maintain, and even increase, its gap in the top of mobile processing

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A recent report from market research firm Counterpoint announces that Qualcomm is the largest and most successful chip developer in the world for smartphones, also in the third quarter of 2017 - and there are no significant surprises, because this was the case from the early years of the Android system Uncompromising in the mobile world. What may surprise you is that despite Apple's large investments, And Huawei in creating increased competition for the - Its gap at the summit increased slightly, in fact, compared with the same period last year.

The chip market for smart and online pocket devices generated revenues of more than $ 8 billion in the third quarter of 2017, which represented a jump of 19 compared to the third quarter of 2016, and Qualcomm was responsible for 38's share of all products sold and 42, , With a difference of more than 2 from the second place where the company's personal divisions stood , With a share value of 20 per cent.

Termination of use agreements with It also allows Qualcomm to continue to control - even though the three major smartphones manufacturers rarely use its products

Samsung was able to increase its popularity in fourth place with a market share of 11 per cent compared to 8 per cent in 2016, and so did Huawei, which rose to eight percent of the market compared to six percent earlier - and both did so at the expense of Which managed to retain its third place, although 18's share shrunk to only 14 percent, putting its 3 status at risk for further progress.

The biggest revenue growth is of , Which transmits more and more products to be based on the chips, And then its HiSilicon division Which is doing a very similar move

Chinese Spreadtrum, which among other things continues the way of In the field, closes the list in sixth place in the market share of 5 percent - when these are all competitors in the field in practice, the share of "all the rest" (companies such as And Broadcom) drops by at least one percent of the total.

In the current situation it is difficult to imagine a future in which Will not be the number one smartphone, both in terms of the number of chips sold and in terms of revenue, even when considering rumors and reports of manufacturers such as Wyoming and Oppo developing their own processing chips - but the report further states that in the near future, Of the field is not expected to be the 'dry' performance that we are familiar with today, but rather alternative characteristics of support for new types of communication technologies, virtual reality technologies and innovative laminated reality, And even specialized processing engines for artificial intelligence.

Future Outlook - Many more devices with specialized processing capabilities for computational and application learning Based on it

In such a situation, we may still receive significant surprises when the players who succeed in surprising and assimilating their futuristic developments before the others will be able to experience a meteoric leap forward - so we very much hope that Qualcomm is already preparing energetically and is not succeeding to dazzle them so far.