Sony's Z2 will contain HWzone cooling pipes

Sony's Z2 will contain cooling pipes

Sony's new device, the Xperia Z2 will have to use the pipes , In addition to other problems discovered
Site technology DigiTimes Reports that Sony's new flagship device,X Will use cooling ducts to cool off the device.
The cooling pipe system is familiar to us mainly from the PC market. The method They use pipes Which contain gas or liquid that spreads rapidly when heated - one heat source touches the tube, and the tube evenly distributes the heat.
Sony is the second company to use pipes To cool its smart device, the first was the Japanese company NEC With the device MediaS X06E Released on 2013.

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The cooling pipes on smart devices are thinner than those on personal computers. According to the report, the cooling pipes will cut the chips in instruments better than the solution commonly used today - carbon fiber.

A manufacturing defect?

Last week, the new device was launched in Singapore, and many users reported a warming problem when taking a photo B-4K, Which causes the camera to close. In addition, small spaces were found between the body and the upper part of the device, which could cause the device to be damaged.
A shortage of other components and problems caused delays in launching the device and is expected to reach England in May and Hong Kong in June. The United States and the rest of the world do not have a defined time frame, which could severely damage the device's sales, since the flagship devices of the other companies, Samsung S5 and-HTC One 2014, Have already been launched.


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