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The Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus have arrived: upgrade with drawbacks

Samsung has launched its new pablet models with updated rectangular design - and some puzzling decisions that make the standard model pale in front of its big brother

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Galaxy Note 10 family It was festively presented and is wider and more diverse than previous releases, with some certainly interesting improvements - but also some changes that probably won't gain much popularity among brand fans.

The Galaxy Note 10 Plus is the true flagship product that will provide consumers with a Super AMOLED panel (or Dynamic AMOLED if you wish) supporting an 10-inch HDR6.8 Plus and 3,040 × 1,440 pixel resolution with a Gorilla Glass protective coating over it, Snapdragon 855 or 9825 in an updated production process depending on the market it will market, dynamic memory of 12GB, volume Built-in 256GB or 512GB with microSD slot for further expansion, Duplicate from AKG (one in the earpiece and one in the bottom of the device) with Dolby Atmos support and built-in 4,300mAh battery with support for 15 watt wireless charging and wireless energy transfer to other devices using PowerShare technology.

Two versions with an exterior design are almost completely identical - and no small changes to the surface

Model Note The reduced and discounted 10 features a super screen 6.3-size and 2,280 × 1,080 pixels resolution, the same chips 855 or 9825, dynamic memory of 8GB, volume 256GB's non-expandable 3,500mAh battery with built-in fast charging.

Design inspired by Or an innocent coincidence?

The current incarnation of the Galaxy Note Offers even more rectangular appearance than before, with a particularly thin black frame on all sides of the display panel (which allows the Note 10 Plus to offer a large 10 display area percent of the Note 9 in nearly identical physical dimensions) and a tiny "hole" defect for the 10 camera Single front megapixel - and rear section where the triangular main photo array is located on the upper left, in a way that has already drawn quite a few comparisons to the design of the P30 Pro models of .

Both Note 10 models offer IP68 protection against water and dust, supporting the technology of Digitally Payments Payments, DeX technology support that expands the device operating system display to a large external screen, a built-in ultrasound fingerprint scanner, NFC built-in and connectivity Duplicate Channels - with support for both the 802.11ac standard and the new 802.11ax standard also known as 6. Of course, on both devices you will also receive the S-Pen touch pen stored and retractable from the body of the device itself and now includes remote control support on the smartphone via motion gestures.

Samsung boasts volume Extra large - but elegantly ignored by the fact that only the Note 10 Plus supports it for some reason

What is missing from these two sophisticated smartphones is the good old headphone slot, which will be replaced for the first time by a flag model of External adapter for the connector Type-C, as did the corneal scanner that disappeared from the front to make room for a maximum screen - along with the blood oxygen meter (SpO2) and the built-in pulse gauge that were relatively unique in the series but evaporated in the current generation. It is not certain that this is a particularly big loss for most potential buyers, but in such a prestigious series it is still difficult to justify the properties that suddenly disappear, rather than upgrade.

Both devices support fast wired charging up to 25 watts, with the Plus even supporting innovative 45 watts - but only with dedicated chargers that will be offered separately

God- The standard Note 10 "wins" two more surprising lows, as it loses the microSD card for large storage expansion, which includes - and receives a lower AMOLED panel and lower display density than the Note 9, by more than 20 percent. It is reasonable to assume that reducing the screen resolution is intended to allow Note 10 to deliver life Competitive and similar to the Note 10 Plus and Note 9 despite the use of a more modest capacity battery, but it's an excuse that it's pretty hard to get it on a flagship device priced at nearly NIS 4,000 - and even harder to justify the lack of a slot card slot, Which feels like a method to make a difference and an artificial advantage for the more expensive and expensive Plus model.

The Aura Glow shade is by far the most unique and impressive of all those with the latest devices

Both Note 10 models include a triple rear photo array that is almost completely identical to the Six months ago, with a primary 10 Megapixel unit that enjoys a unique two-level aperture key and an optical image stabilization system, 12 Optically Stabilized 12 close-up (with enhanced XN aperture lens) Wide-angle megapixels. The Note 2 Plus benefits from a fourth and advanced Time of Flight (exclusive ToF) sensor, which allows for the creation of advanced bokeh effect and even digital object 3D mapping.

The shades that will be available in the country at the beginning - but not all shades available

Devices Note 10 and Note 10 Plus is scheduled to officially land in Israel in less than two weeks, with white, black or combined shades available in a variety of sub-colors called Aura Glow - and at prices NIS 3,700 for the reduced base model with 256GB of storage and 8GB of dynamic memory and NIS 4,200 for the Plus model in its basic configuration that includes 256GB of storage alongside 12GB of , Prices which are almost completely identical to the recommended prices in Europe of 950 EUR and 1,100 EUR respectively.

The official chassis will include Type-C - but does not appear to include the analog adapter for Connected to the old and familiar 3.5 millimeter

The upgraded 512GB model of the Note 10 Plus with 512GB of storage and 12GB of 1,200 Euro in Europe and therefore it will be interesting to find out whether it will also come to the Holy Land, at a cost of NIS 4,700 - without mentioning the versions Of smartphones that will be even more expensive and will probably not land in our local market that does not currently support technology.

The official importer of Israel is already offering a pre-order of the models for an advance of NIS 100 - and those who decide to go for it will enjoy AKG wireless headphones as a gift for their loyalty

How about the new pair from Samsung? It's time to express an opinion with everyone in the comments.


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