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Strong, but not leading: the performance of the Galaxy Note 9

Samsung's new flagship device is already here with higher price tags than ever before and a system Special - but impressions of performance place it in line with the - S9

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The latest Galaxy Note Officially presented with four different tones and internal innovations such as a touch pen with active wireless connectivity, 128GB or 512GB internal volume storage combined with 4GB or 6GB LPDDR8X, respectively, an advanced Super AMOLED screen that expands to 6.4, God- S9 Plus and a generous 4,000mAh battery - all at an ambitious price that will start from 1,000 in North America (excluding tax) and 1,000 Euro in Europe (with the addition of local VAT).

In the United States, Japan, and China, Snapdragon 845 devices based on Qualcomm, which enjoy wider coverage of exotic cellular frequencies and technologies, will be offered, while in Israel and the rest of the world, the model will be marketed with the advanced Octagonal 9810 of Itself, with four cores Self-developed M3 at a maximum frequency of 2.7GHz, four-core Cortex A55 1.8GHz frequency and a Mali-G72 graphics core with 18 processing clusters.

The internal structure of Note 9 should be quite different and interesting - we look forward to the detailed documentation of the sites specializing in the dismantling of smart devices and other pieces Sophisticated

What is supposed to make a difference is the Note 9 cooling system, which includes evaporative cell-like technology that the company calls "water cooling" and a heat diffuser of 3 in its size from Note 8 - all to cope Better with the heat generated from the main processing chip of the device and minimizing the situations where overheating leads to reduced performance. In practice, it seems that this does not directly affect the maximum performance of the smartphone - which stand alongside (and even slightly behind) those we have seen six months ago - S9 and M- S9 Plus.

Model 9810 leads in CPU processing - but leaves the crown in the GPU

In terms of general processing core capabilities, there is a leap in comparison to last year's Note 8, which offered Snapdragon 835 and Exynos 8895 chips, but with regard to graphics processing capabilities that play the major role in gaming, which should be the main winner of the advanced 9 cooling system Its global Exynos is only slightly faster than the results of the previous incarnation, The American-Chinese S9, 845

Also tests Other popular graphics paint a similar picture, with a slight improvement over the previous note generation but without any leap forward compared to what we have been accustomed to since the beginning of 2018
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We certainly hope that the Note 9 will be less touch-friendly in a long and adopted continuous use, but if you expect that the technology inside will also improve the maximum performance it can achieve relative to its siblings, this is unlikely to happen - even when we see the final and official version reviews Coming from the 24 in August.

Note 9 is perhaps not a dedicated gaming device, but it is pretty close to one of these - hope that the battery life with increased capacity will not disappoint

Are you considering upgrading to the new note, or is the price high enough to make everyone consider it again? Let's talk about it in reactions!


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  1. I waited a long time to launch, I get the device at a discount but still the deal price briker. Wondering what's in place.

  2. It is better for Wavi. Leave nonsense. I will not pay 4500 for the VIX BUX of a retarded game. Thanks but no

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