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Successful on the mission: Asus gives tremendous battery life to the ROG Phone 2 smartphone

6,000mAh capacity allows Phone 2 excels in its operation times - even when its display panel is running at a particularly high 120 Hz refresh rate

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The new Asus gaming device It is by far one of the most interesting on the market right now, with price tags starting at "only" 600 dollars (and costing much higher), a design that stands out in an environment with no difficulty and also the 6,000mAh battery that no other international device in the category has. We now know that this capacity is not just a gimmick - it does indeed provide a model of my life Excellent, without compromising the double refresh rate for the display panel designed to provide an extremely agile and pleasant user experience.

The advanced cooling system and inside Snapdragon 855 Plus chip enable To ROG Phone 2 Reach the top of the table in some of the popular performance tests available for the Android system, providing surprisingly good quality for the various gaming cores (those supported) with a high refresh rate of 120 Hz, replicating the refresh rate used on most Android devices today - but the highlight is the distinction Popular for my life On the GSMArena site, which has crowned the smartphone as one of the clear leaders in the field even when the screen is running at its maximum refresh rate.

To- Phone II Dedicated Control Center to Maximize Performance - and Power Consumption of the Device in Each Mission

The screen is known as one of the largest consumers of smartphones, and this is true in many situations where it is required to process and display twice the amount of frames every second it operates, which also makes the processing chip of the system work harder with increased consumption - so that today's advanced gaming devices have offered Users need to choose and compromise between high view rate and life Deserve.

More than 100 prominent gaming hubs support display rates of over 60 frames per second - and that number will probably grow quickly in the near future as 90 Hertz and 120 Hertz become much more popular

ROG Phone 2 manages to avoid this, because even with 120 Hertz work rate tests it was able to display jealousy times which are the envy of most modern smartphones in the market - a mixed 114 score on exam which includes video viewing time, browsing time and talk time every day, and quality data Also on individual tests for call time, browsing and video watching continuously. All this data (except for voice calls where the screen is actually off) leaps even further when switched to using 60 mode only of course, but that doesn't stop the device from easily scooping the battery life of Android gaming devices.

Exciting results, how not to look at them - as a battery to capacity at tens of percent of those of competing models

You can't expect all smart devices on the market with 90 Hz or 120 Hz that are becoming increasingly popular at the high end to come with In the formidable capacity of 6,000mAh (although we certainly see a trend to increase battery capacity, while 4,000mAh is also starting to feel very common and even 5,000mAh is a capacity that is increasingly seen) - but She was able to prove that high-quality 120 Hz screens are not only a gimmick with very limited usability, but a prestigious feature that can really be combined and enjoyed without compromise.

Basus discovered that one of their early plans was to incorporate Of 7,000mAh on the device. Why expect the next model in the brand?

What do you think about the Phone II? Hoping to see more of his style pieces in stores? Let's talk about it in the comments.

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