Surprises everywhere: International launch of Huawei's Honor 7X and Honor V10

The Chinese manufacturer's new mid-range models are also reaching Europe and North America, at prices that might surprise you for the better

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The launch of the new smartphones from the brand's younger sub-brand Through which it competes more directly with other Chinese manufacturers with particularly aggressive cost-effectiveness ratios has received considerable interest from us - and now the official international launch of these devices helps to clarify why. The Honor family will grow, and may become the most important and significant competitor In the category of "hard to believe how profitable it is" famous.

The first model to emerge in Western online stores over the next few weeks is the Honor 7X, which will replace the Honor 6X, which has become one of the biggest hits in year-end sales. Thanks to a reduced price tag of 150 dollars only (or only $ 185 for those who decided to invite him to Israel).

It features an elongated IPS 5.9-inch screen and 2,160 resolution × 1,080 pixels, Kirin 659 An economical octagon created in the 16 nanometer process, Gorilla Glass protective cover, 3 GB dynamic memory or 4 gigabyte, built-in storage of 32 or gigabyte 64 system Nougat to be upgraded to Orio later on, 16, an aluminum shell and more - and an official 3,340 price tag in the US is simply fantastic, and even lower than the launch price of the Honor 200X last year.

The screen has been increased, the price has been reduced - what more can you request for a continuation sample?

Even if the price of 200 dollars, which is to be translated at least from 900, including shipping and VAT here in Israel, somehow does not wink enough for you - you can assume that the Honor 7X will sooner or later get another temporary cut just like its predecessor, A shadow of doubt for one of the world's best-paid middleware, so it's definitely worth watching.

In Europe, the price of the Honor 7X will be much less attractive - 300 EUR, including taxes (as opposed to the US pricing, which normally does not include the extra tax)

Equipped with the official name Honor View 10 outside of its home country, the V10 is a much more advanced and more advanced device, offering users an extended 6-inch IPS screen and 2,160 × 1,080 pixels resolution, an up-to-date Android OS, Kirin 970 is the most advanced cores that the company has to offer and is identical to the one offered on the Huawei Mate 10, the 4 LPDDR6X memory, the 128 gigabyte internal storage, the dual main 16 - Primary Pixel and 20 Secondary Megapixel Grayscale Sensor, 13 Megapixel Camera for Salafi Photos, Metal Shell, Front Fingerprint Scanner, Built-in 3,750mAh battery with fast 22 watts loading - all at an official recommended price of 500 Euros in Europe, including taxes.

Of a flag instrument, in less than two-thirds of the price

The 10 is actually an alternative version of the Mate 10, which is very close to most features and capabilities (except for the absence of an optical array from Leica and a battery with a reduced capacity of about 8 percent) - but priced 300 (!) Less so A considerable rapist to compete with prominent products at such price levels as the " S8 and OnePlus 5T. We would declare that the very existence of the new model makes its prestigious brother more irrelevant, but the growing success of the Testifies to the fact that this method works not bad at all, and should not underestimate the power of the brand name.

We still do not know what will be the official pricing of the View 10 in North America, but it is reasonable to assume that it will be as competitive as the European one - and perhaps even more than that, judging by the relationship in Honor 7X

What do you think of the new pair from the fearsome Chinese manufacturer? Share comments with us.