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The Swiss Army knife of the 21 century

It turns out that the Swiss Army knife of the 21 century is a device encoded
The Swiss military pocket knife, which is famous for its construction quality and the large number of miniature tools it contains as the red shell, is not resistant to progress. Victorinox, the manufacturer of these famous knives, thinks that in order to find a place in the technological world, it needs to integrate a little from it With her ulers. The result of this combination is no less than a small Optimus Prime.
The technological ulers series bears the name Flash Collection And it contains 20 memory devices Different, some are combined with knives, some are also flashlights and some are simply memories Very expensive and secure. Well well, secure information has to be paid.
When you connect to the memory devices, the pocket knife also begins to be a bit more interesting. For example, Secure also includes a knife, a file, a scissor, a flashlight, and a fingerprint scanner that can only access the information on the memory device. You know, all those cases where you get stuck in the field and just need space Secure your files.
The Presentation Master includes a laser sight and a Bluetooth interface, through which you can connect to the computer and switch between presentation pages, and the other models offer each of the different combinations of functions listed. For example, the laser is simply a laser-guided penknife and Flash Light is a device With a flashlight. The company also offers one 128 gigabyte model, but these are just two 64 gigabytes of memory in one box.
Victorinox ensures that the encryption of its mobile memory devices is the best in the world and can not be circumvented. For example, if someone tries to use the Brute Force attack to crack the password, the drive will confirm one of the incorrect passwords and present a casual file to the criminal while hiding the original files.
Even with more sophisticated hacking attempts Victorinox is coping very well. If someone tries to weld Your memory on a controller of a device Other - the memories will simply destroy themselves. Even if someone cuts your finger and tries to bypass encryption using the fingerprint reader itself, it will not work for him. It turns out that the built-in fingerprint reader also measures the oxygen levels in the blood and recognizes that the finger is not attached to the body at the time it is read.
If you want to purchase a secure flash drive, you can choose the one that suits you from the catalog this.


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  1. What if you simply stun the person?
    Then use his finger (while attached to his body) to open the encryption ..?
    Or .. torture him and get the password?

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