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Teclast's tablet will give you windows and Android simultaneously, in one nice package

You want an iPad - like tablet that gives you access to Microsoft 's And Google, in less than half of Apple's prices? You've come to the right place

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Generation of atomic chips in the Bay Trail Help create a new and innovative category of tablets at competitive prices that run a system Complete and complete, but more importantly - these chips also allowed us to receive Which can run both the Windows system and the Android system on and off, for anyone who likes the two variations according to the nature of the use, and do not really want to hold two different devices for that.

If you too are part of the group that loves you too you too The Chinese manufacturer's X98 Air Teclast may well wink at you.

At Teclast X98, you will find a small Z3736F miniature Bay Trail chip featuring four Silvermont processing cores that operate at maximum 2.16GHz turbo frequency and a maximum 1.33GHz base frequency along with a built-in seventh generation graphics core , And an 9.7-inch IPS screen and 1,536 × 2,048 pixel resolution - yes, just like the latest iPads and more Modern competitors.


Additional features in the X98 are a relatively generous built-in storage of 64GB (there is also a microSD slot for further expansion), memory 2GB, 5, OmniVision-based primary camera 2 and secondary XNUMX megapixels, micro-connections And micro And an 8,000mAh battery.


The tablet runs an Android system in the KitKat 4.4 system 8.1, when it seems that like most Windows devices here too will be able to free update windows 10.

As an interesting bonus, the Teclast X98 also includes a modem Built-in with support for second and third generation frequencies - although it is worth noting that in the third generation support is only for the 2,100MHz frequency, and therefore all cellular providers in the country will be supported, but coverage may be only partial (due to lack of support for the additional 850MHz and 900MHz frequencies Used).

The tablet offers a thickness of 8 millimeters, along with a weight of about 527 grams

You can purchase the Teclast X98 at a price of 205 dollars (about NIS 781 in direct conversion), including free shipping to Israel. Quicker decision can enjoy even a little more price of 197.7 dollars, as part of sales Of a limited number of units to be held during the coming week, until Tuesday the 18 in August.


X98 Air may not be the highest quality or most beautiful tablet ever made, but it certainly manages to provide a decent look in relation to its price tag (pictured left, next to "Dad" Air)

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