The Great March of the Riders

The largest electronics and gadgets exhibition in the world was packed with riders in every corner, and among all this supply were those designed to function as an advanced hi-tech substitute for the Salafi sticks

CES 2017 was loaded with Internet devices of things of all kinds and species, new laptops with New cars and sophisticated cars, but not only - there were a lot of people in this exhibition And many of them are not necessarily aimed at professional aerial photography, but rather for simple private users who are looking for a new interesting way to document themselves. Meet the new and rising generation of the popular and compact Slavic riffi.

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Simtoo, which last year launched the advanced Dragonfly skimmer at a price tag of 600, introduced its next work, currently called the Intelligent Selfie Drone, a small, unmanned plastic device capable of folding up to half of its maximum dimensions, Intelligent for optimal visual identification, tracking and documentation of the owner.


Many of the technical details about this new product are not yet known, but it seems that users will be able to exchange some of the variety of their choice, and the price of this package may be about $ 300 when it will be launched sometime in the coming year.


Another company that promises to provide us with self-explanatory photography capabilities is Onagofly, and plans to achieve this through a product called 1Plus (not to be confused with the onePlus smartphone developer, there is no connection here), which includes the ability to shoot still images at maximum resolution of 15 megapixels, 1080p and 30 frames per second and the ability to take and go with a single button - at a price that will soon be up to $ 250 relatively affordable, compared to the initial price tag of not less than 400 dollars.


The AlphaCam models of a company called SunlyTech are also worth considering for the next Great Salafi Machine, using advanced processing platforms from Which we usually find on smartphones and tablets, with a compact and colorful body that can be crammed into a carrying case and take you almost anywhere.


The company claims to offer several models for the product, with cameras capable of taking pictures at 16 megapixel resolution or 13 megapixel resolution, as well as taking 4K video at up to 30 frames per second and with electronic image stabilization based on Snapdragon 801 or even based on 820 up-to-date, and with a flight time statement of between 20 and 30 minutes.


None of this is enough for you? It may be worth noting, however, that the AlphaCam enthusiasts purport to include a real-time facial recognition system that will allow them to track the object and make sure it is at the center of the frame at any time during the work. Salafi of the next generation, we have already said?


Do you have a few more shekels to invest? You can always upgrade to the new DJI product, the Mavic Pro, (As well as stills to the Salafi, naturally), an impressive radius of up to seven kilometers, a compact and relatively lightweight folding body (less than 750, and still much larger than the Salafi floats we discussed in the previous paragraphs of course), up to 65 , A set of sensors to avoid collisions and injuries, and more - at a painful cost of about NIS 5,000.


If you really want to shoot a Salafi, but you will want your own private electric aircraft, the crazy EHang184 will probably make you fly with one person for up to 23 for up to 100 and even flying legs Which would allow a machine weighing about one kilogram to take up less space in the driveway or its landing place.

It probably will not happen in the coming year, because there is still no price for this piece, but who knows - maybe in a few years this thing that looks and sounds almost insane could be considered the new hot trend. what do you think? Let us tell you in comments!