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The alternative challenger: all the details about the Huawei P10 smartphone

Special shades, dual cameras, a pair of sizes and maybe even a new record in dynamic memory - that's what the product should offer us that will try to bring the Chinese manufacturer to sales of 170 million devices a year

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In a few days, we are supposed to be officially acquainted with the company's first large device For the year 2017 - and after the beautiful success of its advanced devices last year, there seems to be a good reason to be interested in the future supply of the largest Chinese in the field as well.

Now we know that the " The new P10 will in fact be two distinct models, similar to the previous generations of this flagship - with standard P10 in favor of those looking for relatively compact display and dimensions, and also a slightly larger P10 Plus in favor of the trend in the market in the last year, as devices considered 'pablets' 'Become the new default in a large number of cases.

A new and intriguing duo that is supposed to emphasize even more the relative strengths of Over its many competitors

The smaller Huawei P10 will offer Japan's IPS-NEO screen at the diagonal size of 5.2-inch (or 5.1-inch by other leaks, with the exact number probably somewhere between these two), with an apparent 1080p resolution, Kirin 960 is a modern octagonal cores featuring four-core Cortex A73 at an 2.4GHz frequency and four more cost-effective Cortex A53 cores at the 1.8GHz frequency, plus a built-in Mali G71MP8 built-in core that is designed to significantly upgrade the company's capabilities in this field, 4GB LPDDR4 32GB to 128GB, System New nougat with new EMUI interface on it, connectivity The new 5.0, a dual rear camera array with a pair of 12 megapixel sensors developed with the German Leica, a front 8 megapixel camera and an 3,100mAh battery with support for fast charging technology of up to 25 watts.

One of the most unique features of the new models may be their minimalist metallic design, especially the range of shades it will offer - with blue and green colors that often don't meet

Big Brother P10 Plus will upgrade the screen display to an XS-NEO-sized 5.5 panel with QHD resolution and convex shielding to give it a look similar to Samsung's famous convex AMOLED screens (without relying on truly flexible technology) Kirin 960 generated in the up-to-date 16 nanometer process, the same advanced photo array, volume Built-in 64GB or 128GB beside Dynamic 4GB volume for the first option and 6GB volume for the second option and an enlarged 3,500mAh battery that will also be loaded quickly.

The P10 Plus may offer an advanced convex screen - but recent updates suggest that there is a better chance of a convex protective cover that only creates a similar effect

Not sure Huawei will surprise us with technical details we didn't know existed in official launch status, but we'd certainly love to hear more details about the improved camera or the latest chip - and possibly some unique versions of the models, for example, with an unusually large 256GB storage volume And also the 8GB of RAM that contained some of the rumors we encountered. The pair of devices should arrive in stores within the next few weeks, and the price tags may be very similar to those of flagship products from home Apple, as part of the general trend of Improve its profitability and establish its position as a large and quality manufacturer, rather than as a reduced competitor.

8GB of Dynamic, is it possible? We are quite skeptical about this, but it is quite possible that Will offer such a limited version as a kind of marketing gimmick

Interested, or giving up in advance? Tell us what you think about the reactions.

A lot of potential that needs to be done uncompromisingly and a reasonable price tag to flourish


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